I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Friday, July 15, 2011


You may have thought that when I do more than two days of photos with "sayings" that it's because I'm busy doing something, gone again or being lazy.
" Good guesses.", says Farmlady.
Mostly I've been lazy, but I have been helping with the potting shed too,
which is coming along nicely. Our cool weather is really perfect for building something and being outside. We get up early and get a lot done. I hold things, measure, check the bubble on the level and hand nails to the Prospector. It all helps.
I had to put a SWEATER on this morning . It was chilly out there. The dogs were fine with their fur coats but a t-shirt wasn't enough for me.
Do you see what I'm doing here? I'm going nowhere. I've got very little to blog about.
Sweaters? Dog fur" holding nails? It's a blogjam. A "What do I say next."  kind of day.
I'm kind of tired of everything.
I didn't even go to my gourd meeting yesterday.
My feet hurt and I'm tired.
Yes, I'm whining.

Take a look at this... I just went and took some photos of the bed in my extra room.
My extra room/craft room/guest room/ computer room is a mess. There's a bed underneath all that stuff. There are gourds from friends for the shows and workshops, meeting clipboards and new dyed fleece that I didn't need, a new garden claw and miscellaneous bags of miscellaneous STUFF.
On the floor.... at the foot of the bed.
More fleece and felting paraphernalia.
Good grief! Hobbies gone amuck!
And Look!  Here's the clearly/confusing oxymoron* of my life.
This is my grandson's desk for creative endeavors when they are visiting.
Look at this mess...
Do you see the small 2011 calendar behind the basket, against the mirror. Look closely...
The calendar is called SIMPLICITY.~ Inspirations for a Simple Life.
HA! It's July and I haven't even opened it yet.
All of this bring to mind my life long quest for simplicity of thought and what comes to mind is another oxymoron: sadly/amusing. I look at this room and then I look at the unopened calendar and I see a huge gap between what I seem to be doing and what I really want to do. I see too many things going on at once. I'm too old to be multitasking this much.
It's straining my brain.
It's time to slow down and do one thing.
I know...
I will just do KNITTING and felting....
and, of course Blogging. I can't stop Blogging.

...and a little gardening. After all, I can't not garden.
...and what should I do with all these gourds?...
...and the acrylic paints, pencils and glues?
What about the jewelry stuff?
My cameras are permanently attached to me.

This is not as simple as it seems....

  A friend said recently that my house was full. I was listening to you "C".
I think "Your house is full." is a koan*. As in "When you can do nothing, what can you do?  (Zen koan)
I think that I will go for a long walk tomorrow and think about all of this.
I guess I had more to say than I thought.
If anyone has advice....direction... answers?
I'm listening....

Koan: A paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.

Oxymoron: A combination of contradictory words; like grotesquely beautiful or white chocolate.


  1. well... considering I am on the verge of a massive purg... i can only say I feel your pain sister!
    love hugs grits and ear scratches!

  2. smiles. a messy work space is a used workspace right?

    the shed looks great...

    have a wonderful saturday!

  3. The potting shed is coming along nicely. I cannot wait until it is finished and you post pictures of it. Looks like you are overwhelmed with your crafts stuff, but we have to have something to do. Keep on gardening and please keep on blogging. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. I just think that all this means that you are full of life with so many interests. You just need to focus that interest and find a place for all that stuff. And, it seems to me you are doing just that, aren't you? Isn't that new "potting shed" going to be your creative "place"? There, now you have figured it all out!! Keep blogging too.

  5. Koan. I like that.

    Your potting shed is coming along nicely and that's an accomplishment. The other stuff will be there when you get to it. Don't look at it!!

    I agree...take a walk, but enjoy, not fret or think LOL

    Yes, this is a fancy way of procrastinating LOL :)

  6. This was a fun post today and makes me feel so much better about the state of my craft/etc. room. It looks exactly like yours!! We are not alone dear one...

  7. I know it won't make you feel any better but it looks like you slipped into my bedroom and took photos... I can get to my bed and have enough room on either side to make the bed when I do the laundry. I have to step over stuff to get to my dresser to get to my clothes. I've been working on it but it is taking me more time than I'd like but it is important for me to play with the dogs, water and weed in the garden and play on FaceBook...

    And you were doing important things helping the Prospector with the potting shed.

  8. Well, I just cleaned up my office, guest room and garage of all the junk. Here's what I decided...I'm weary of being a 'jack of all trades; master of none'. I think we can do lots of things, but there are times and seasons in which to do them. So I've boxed up the fabric, the yarn, and the watercolors. Keeping the blog, the photos, and the garden. For now. The hard part is refusing to start new projects; but frankly, I was driving myself crazy with my ADHD approach to all the artistic endeavers I wanted to do. I'm one who wants to try everything artistic, but guess what, sometimes it's better to just enjoy other's art than to try to do it yourself. Hope this helps...

  9. I am so glad you showed the photo of your bed covered in stuff. My guest room bed is just the same! Worse! Once I start piling stuff on something it never stops. I enjoy your blogs so don't stop! Tina

  10. Charming BagladyJuly 17, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Don’t lose sight of this most important fact:
    She who dies with the biggest collection of “stuff” WINS!!

  11. Sorry I have not been around in a while.
    One thing you are doing is getting up every morning a helping with a neat shed that will bring you lots of happiness.
    I too am trying my best to unclutter my house so I can feel better about myself but like you it is hard to know sometimes what to let go of or where to start.
    One thing I did find out is when I did finally start I have already noticed the difference in the way I feel.
    So sorry I think I got carried away with my comment. lol
    Good luck

  12. Whatever you do, don't get rid of your paintbrushes. They hardly take up any room. The tools are the thing. At least thats what my granpa woodworker used to say, and he was a very wise man.
    Cool? How wonderful.

  13. Oh the joys of living in a small house. Don't feel so bad--you could still have the ashes of your deceased (well, duh!) father in law shoved in a box, slipped under the guest bed and pressed to the back wall. (Don't tell any of the guests who sleep over at my house this!) Currently, the same said bed is piled with clothes. I choose to look at this as a blessing, since said clothes are acting as a dust barrier for said bed. I can shoved the clothes into the washer, but not the bed, right?

  14. Summer is like that...so much going on outside that things get shoved aside here and there and are kept for a rainy day...my studio is like that...the outdoors calls to us more, even in the shite weather we're having!


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