I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sneeking away without telling

"Farmlady is gone again, for a while. She says that she will be back next Thursday. I don't like this one bit. She needs to be here.... for us.
 Carl is behind me. He's not talking. He's got an attitude right now.
This means that until Farmlady comes home we have to let the Prospector do everything for us. Right now he is working on a shed in the backyard. We can't go out there with him because it's a big area and there might be rattlesnakes. So we get to go out in the front yard or stay inside with NOBODY to play with and no laps to sit on.
This is not a good situation for us Corgis.  Farmlady better come home soon.
This is my serious puppy face. It's suppose to get sympathy from all of Farmlady's followers.
 Please write us and make us feel better.  Love, Cutter. Woo, woo! "


  1. Oh Cutter, don't be sad; She will return soon I am sure.

  2. hey cutter and carl,
    sometimes my mom leaves me for awhile, alone in the house, and expects me to do the laundry while she's gone. Imagine that...well, it's not going to happen. Usually I eat a lavender cookie and nap a little nap. Makes the time go quicker. At least you two have each other...I'm here a.l.o.n.e....take care boys.

  3. You be good while farmlady is away. She will be back and then you can give her lots of love and I know she will give it to you also. Do what the prospector tell you and he will do for you just like farmlady does. Madeline

  4. Awww Cutter. Farmlady wouldn't leave you unless it was important like a visit with her sister or an art class she really wanted to take. You love Farmlady and want to share what a wonderful person she is so folks understand why you trot so proudly along beside her when you are home, don't you? She will be back before you know it and will cuddle you and Carl really good and Prospector will take special care of you until Farmlady gets back home to you all. I promise she will be home soon.


  5. Dear Cutter, Before you know it, farmlady will be back. In the meantime, play with some squeaky toys, keep the prospector busy, and try not to let Carl get on your nerves.

    Keep your cool.

    Your pen pal,

  6. haha i hope the farmlady has fun...and i am sure she will be home soon to give you a good old belly rub...

  7. oh my it is working. That is a puppy face to be reckoned with. I think ya'll need to reduce the rattlesnake population around there and have some happy puppy face. And Farmlady we know you are going to be shopping and getting some great deals and some great pictures or learning some new fabulous art technique. Bet your having fun. Nothing like a little fun. But the puppy face!!! Can you really live with that?

  8. We love you Cutter & we know how you mis your Farmlady


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