I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flowers As Children..as Flowers.

I bought a Gerbera Daisy the other day. A real beauty with one flower opened and a few smaller ones ready to open up. I bought a yellow one for a friend and this pale coral one for myself.
I was going to plant the Daisy in the garden but I got too busy with my lemon bar meltdown during the week.. Today I repeated my bad behavior. This time I made "everything but the kitchen sink " cookies and ate most of the dough before it was cooked. I may need some serious intervention soon. I have been running amok in the kitchen. I've lost my ability to "just say no" to myself.
So the flower sat on the table waiting for good soil and a refreshing relocation. I just ignored it.
I was going into the kitchen to retrieve cookies from the oven when I noticed the Daisy on the table.
Oh my gosh, I thought, I have forgotten to water that poor plant and it's looking a bit pale.
I picked it up and set it on the sink... then I got the cookies out of the oven, put some more in, set the timer for another ten minutes, ate some cookie dough and walked back to the sink.
That's when I noticed the OTHER FLOWER IN THE POT.
IT was starring at me .....
And it seemed angry.... I thought I heard it say something and growl at me.
I lifted up the container and took a closer look.  Thinking that this odd flower was really two flowers pushed together, I check the stem.
It didn't look as angry from the backside. It was then that I realized  I was looking at was a very upset flower that had just wanted to be on its own, but it was born different, somehow attached, and not very happy about it. I watered the plant immediately and set the pot down in the sink to drain. 
 Poor thing. No wonder you're are so upset. You expected to stand on your own with a gorgeous array of petals, only to find another flower attached to your stem....vying for attention too.
It's true. You are different.. but you are interesting and unusual. Each flower has it's own personality. Be who you are: A magnificent anomaly.

One flower turns out "perfect".... What is perfect anyway? I'm partial to imperfection.
Another is born "different".... troublesome, not as easy to get along with. But it's just as worthy. 
It's still a perennial. It is of the same family as its siblings. Its petals might be brighter, noisier... you can feel the intensity of its personality. It's just a different "hybrid" soul.
Each flower is unique.... one of a kind.
We need to love them all, even if they are a little more difficult to grow.
Think how we started. We were all new and unformed. Life was filled with possibilities. 
Imagine you're a beginner... always a beginner, and have strength... and bloom.

Gerbera jamesonii.... the Transvaal Daisy:
Just give them partial shade and regular watering and they will thrive.


  1. with just a little love and attention we all would thrive...great photos and beautiful imperfect perfection!

  2. I'm partial to the perfection in imperfection, also. I love the soft coral color, although the strange little flower may have been a bit judgmental....

    I have often felt that flowers, plants and trees have "spoken" to me.

    Are you familiar with Findhorn? I thought of that in this post and the conversation you would like to have with Leonora Carrington's sculptural deer. The awareness, even consciousness, of all things.

    To magnificent anomolies. May they always inform and enlighten us.

  3. I adore your photo of the "unruly" child. Such character! How dull it would be if we were all "perfect" ;)

  4. I love gerberas, wonder if they'd survive in AZ? I especially love the unusual angry looking plant! But I too love the weird & the unusual, it helos to average out our world, Farmlady!
    How are the goats?

  5. I thought the different dahlia was winking! It doesn't look at all angry to me. I think it's enjoying the attention its difference brings. I would too if I were that cute!

  6. Boy if that gerb could speak! "Get yer fingers out of that cookie dough, farmlady, and help me out here! I've got enough trouble with this extra head on my shoulder!" I love the look of that intense looking oddball! How perfect it was for the days you've been having...see? it's all good!

  7. I think it's perfect... but maybe because I celebrate imperfection and the ability to 'stand out from the crowd'.
    But when I looked closely, it almost looks like 2 beautiful flowers holding each other "cheek to cheek" and just relishing the companionship and closeness.

    Either that, or somebody is mighty cranky about you not sharing the cookie dough... ;)

  8. I do believe that flower is giving you the 'ol STINK EYE madam!

  9. Hi Connie.
    I have been trying to leave a comment using my Google account but for some reason it will not let me, so I am try by using the anonymous one. Love this post great photos. Great message. Have a blessed day. Madeline


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