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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to have a really great birthday when you're six years old

First you invite all your really good friends and when they get there they tickle you until you're laughing so hard that you can hardly get your breath but it's still fun anyway.
And they just want to give you birthday tickles.
And they don't want to stop...
And then Daddy comes and says that you have to line up because the fun is beginning.
 You were already having lots of fun but you and your friends go line up and the rest of the fun begins....
This place is called Encore Gymnastics.
It's a gym for kids and you get to do all kinds of really fun stuff.
Like climbing a rock wall. It is scary but you keep trying and you can't fall because they have a rope and harness attached to you. So you keep climbing.
Your friend is climbing higher than you so you keep trying. You reach the red line.
The red line is half way but you are getting kind of afraid so you tell the guy on the ground that you want to come down. He tells you to let go and push away with your feet. It's fun to come down.
A few minutes later you try to climb again and this time you go further, above the red line.
It feels good this time and it's not so scary. Everyone tells you that you are brave and doing really good climbing.
You have so much fun.
You run and jump...
And swing....
And walk on a balance beam...
Then they let you be silly and you get to rest with your Dad for a while.
And then you have some more fun with you friends.
And your brother starts to look like he's getting really tired because he's only 4 years old.
Finally, you get to go into a room that has a big table and someone has fixed it all up with decorations, and food, and a birthday cake just for you. 
Your babysitter has made you a Lego cake with your name on it and it really looks like Legos. It's cool.
Then we have a great party. 

After the party we give everyone a bag of goodies to take home. We thank them for coming and we say goodbye.
Later, when we go home, there are some presents to open. 
What an awesome day !


  1. Oh to be a kid again. I know the Bean had lots of fun by your pictures, and I bet you did too. I love the cake what a great idea. Glad you made it home safe. Hope the rain has stopped out there, we are getting some now. Have a blessed day. Madeline


  3. Looks like the Bean had a terrific party and that cake is awesome!

  4. That is the coolest cake & I( know he had a blast. Our baby is two in less than two weeks, they grow so fast, Farm lady we have to store up & treasure every minute.

  5. Priceless. That cake is a WOW! Wonderful way to spend a 6 year birthday!!

    Blog writing about kids and grandkids will be treasured forever. I wish I had done this the entire time David was growing up!

    Happy Birthday Bean!!

  6. Please tell that child to stop growing. I don't even know him and it's tugging at my heartstrings. Can't his parents stuff him in a drawer at night or something? There's just got to be a way.........!


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