"So prayer is our sometimes real selves trying to communicate with the Real, with Truth, with the Light. It is us reaching out to be heard, hoping to be found by a light and warmth in the world, instead of darkness and cold. Even mushrooms respond to light - I suppose they blink their mushroomy eyes, like the rest of us."
~Anne Lamott~
(Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monomania.....I have found my new middle name.

In 19th century psychiatry , monomania (from Greek monos, one, and mania) is a single pathological preoccupation in an otherwise sound mind.


  1. Is your new middle name "Knitting"? Monomania is an interesting word.

  2. Haaaa! It's good to have an obsession that results in something tangible, don't you think? :-)

  3. Ah, but it's the "otherwise sound mind" that matters ;) You can be as obsessed as you like, I'm impressed with your work.

  4. I have learned something new from you. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  5. I'd say it's time to go to a feltaholics meeting!

  6. I've been trying to leave a comment on your latest post but for some reason the comment box wont open for me! You know sometimes it just wont work...who knows why! Well, just so you know I love the obsession you have and think your work is just beautiful. I really need a better hobby!! Hope all is well on the farm!!


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