I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Sister must have brought it with her.

My sister arrived yesterday. She brought everything with her.... She brought dinner, cashews, chocolate hazelnut Biscotti from Trader Joe's and sunshine with warmer weather. She even brought her own bedding which freaked out the dogs at bit when she walked up to the house but they quickly got over it and went crazy over their "auntie" being there.
As you can see..
They let her share the couch with them.....
And then Carl made it very plain that this was were he would be, on my sister's lap, for the duration.
I think that Cutter, at his most relaxed, said it all..... They love having Sis here. I've never seen him do this before. He was really loving all his little puppish creature comforts.

This morning it was 20 degrees warming than it has been in quite a few days, so after breakfast we went for a walk. We drove the car down our very long, steep driveway, parked it and walked along the main road that goes to the river. It was still cold but it was so beautiful and all the creeks were full and making lots of commotion as they moved toward the Mokelumne River. I love the sound of water moving over the bedrock and trees. It's a beautiful thing to hear.
As we walked along I took these photos to show you how astounding beautiful this place is that I'm so lucky to live in.

Even with the old graffiti....
Even with the no trespassing signs....
 It's a road like no other.You go from being kind of tired and worn out from what the world has to give, to stretching your arms out  as far as you can reach.... and your whole body smiles....

And you think you might do a little dance, or jog a bit. This is what a walk in the country will do for you. Honest. Try it. Any country road will do. This is just an old country road but it's a magic road. I've seen this happen before. You will hear the gray squirrel calling your name as it runs across the road in front of you. "Come and play. Come into the trees and join us..."

Sis chose to spend her birthday with us. I'm so glad. Tomorrow is the big day, but I can't tell you how many years it's been unless I get her permission. All I can say is that she's my little sister and she's wonderful.


  1. I am so blessed to have 2 sisters! Your walk sounds like just what the body and soul needs. Oh, and the goodies sis brought sounds like a feast. I always like to see your handsome corgi boys.....My Miss Josie would LOVE to play :)


  2. Awesome! It's great to have your sister with you. Even better that you get to help her celebrate her birthday too. No doubt that the pups are happy about it.

    Stay warm.

  3. How right you are! We do live in a beautiful place! Happy Birthday to your sis. Hasn't the weather been lovely?

  4. Happy Birthday lil sister... give carl and cutter belly rubs for me :)

  5. Wishing your sister a Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad it was warm enough for you to enjoy a walk. Here it is freezing cold with snow on the ground. I'm already tired of winter!

  6. Happy Birthday to your baby sister!! I have a baby sister but we are estranged, something beyond my imagination and completely her decision. My fervent with is that one day we will walk on a country road together and reminicse...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    You are welcome at my house any time. Please remember to bring the "goodies".

    The pictures of Carl and Cutter are too, too adorable. And Cutter, upside down, is just too precious for words.
    Dawn, the Charming Baglady

  9. Happy birthday to your sister. The pictures all are great as usual. It is to cold to go for a walk here right now. We still have snow and ice on the ground and yes a few snow flurries this morning. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Special birthday wishes to a very special a loved sister. I am so glad that the two of you nurture and take such good care of the bonds that you have. Carl and Cutter are just too cute. We have a corgi (Foxy) in our Texas family and she is so darn lovable and cute, I always hate to leave for home when we visit. Enjoy your special time together with your sis, Ellie Mae.

  11. Looks like a fantastic walk...the countryside is so rejuvenating ain't it?!!

  12. A special place and day to share with your special sister. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    My only, older sister died last September. I wish I could have shared my special Amador places and our sweet dog with her, but it was not to be. Still, we had some moments I will never forget over the 7+ years of her illness.

    I think losing is a sister is much like losing a parent: you never "get over" the loss, but you become accustomed to it -- and it becomes part of who you are. I'm not there yet.

    Cherish your sister, as I know you do. Every day with her is a gift.

  13. Your sister looks like she felt like a little girl walking down the middle of CREEKSIDE road. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!

    And as for you, stop making me jealous with all your full color photos of greenery against snow, and faces in the sun. Although...I did like the one you posted of the bird ornament on your Christmas tree. That one made me feel all gooey inside with love for you.

  14. It doesn't matter how old she is... she is your SIS... and your baby boys love her and she shares her bed with them and that says TONS about the kind of heart she has. It is so awesome to have someone to share these special walks with and it is also wonderful that we get to share these walks vicariously, too.

    I hope you had a great birthday, Farmlady's Sis!


  15. Well gosh...why do your happy posts always bring tears to my eyes. This is just ridiculous LOL

    You are so very blessed sweetie :)

  16. Yes she is...Hi Lisa, Hi Connie. Have a fabulous birthday! What wonderful pictures Connie, love the doggie pics, Cutter looks sooooo comfortable. Thank you for swinging by. Glad you like the pouches, they sure are fun! Thanks Connie, always great to hear from my favorite cheerleader! love, Riki

  17. Happy B-day to your sister. I just found your blog, it's beautiful. I love Robert Frost, he has always been one of my fav poets. I live at the end of a long and windy road, in a little house in the woods. Surrounded by wildlife and plenty of nature. Who doesn't love this life?
    Nice meeting you, FarmLady!

  18. Very pretty new banner photo!
    I love the peaceful looks on your pups' faces - isn't it funny how much our dogs love special company? Roxy will latch on to my mom when she comes to visit and cuddle with her in ways that make me giggle!
    Beautiful pictures of your walk, too - sounds like a wonderful time all around.

  19. I miss your comments when things are busy, but looks like you have lots to do. I wish it was warm enough to take a walk...I cannot take the cold when breathing...so enjoy.

    I love your photos, you are learning cool ways to make them, well, cooler!


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