I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Monday, January 24, 2011

Carl and Cutter's Excellent Adventure - Part II

When we left the house Saturday, our neighbor was feeding his cows. We stopped to say hello while Carl and Cutter barked at the big "doggies". That's when I saw the newest addition to the herd...
Isn't she (he?) cute. I forgot to ask what the gender was and I don't know that much about cows to know. She is a relica of her mother (upper right) and the most beautiful calf I've seen lately. She was born last week. Mom and baby are doing well.
This one didn't look very hospitable so we said our goodbye's and drove on.
Back to the excellent adventure....
We left Knight's Ferry and drove out to the highway and east toward Jamestown. Twenty years ago, this was were we learned to pan for gold. At the time, we saw this huge mining operation just out of town and decided to take a tour. This was quite an experience. I had never seen an operation like this. It was called The Jamestown Mine. This part was called the Harvard Mill. (click photo to read)
It was an open pit when we took the tour and it was overwhelming and deep. Today it has water in it and I climbed through a fence that had a hole in it to take these photos. Yes, I was trespassing but with good purpose and I didn't get too close to the edge.
 It is still kind of scary and deep but it's a lot more beautiful with water in it.
Then it was on to Jamestown and my turn to hit some of the antique stores. I'm looking for vintage buttons. I need BIG ones for my felted purses and scarfs.
The prospector and the dogs took a nap in the car while I walked around and took a few pictures, asked about buttons at quite a few stores...

...and made a new friend in one of the shops. She owns TrulyMadlyVintage on etsy.com (PaperTiger08.etsy.com) , she teaches tap dancing and she makes jewelry. We got talking about felting and she is learning about it too. She showed me some of her recent felted pieces. We will be in contact with each other. It was fun to talk to someone who gets as excited as I do about learning something new.
I found some buttons and then walked back through this little park...
and the old Jail...

...Walked back to the car and found my husband and the dogs sleeping in the sunshine. The car was warm and cozy. I got in and soaked up some of the warmth. They got their nap while I got my buttons.
We drove out to the Main street and that's when the "ice cream bug" hit. You know how guys are. Once they're on their way they don't want to stop.... but I whined and so he pulled over and stopped in front of a cute store that said "ICE CREAM". I went in and got the Prospector a scoop of chocolate ice cream on a cone.and I got , yes I did.... a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and pecans. That hasn't happen in a long time. I was shameless! I even scrapped the container to get the very last drop of fudge sauce. It was that good.
We left Jamestown and our memories of Woods Creek, and learning to pan gold for the first time with a man named Ralph (who owned the prospecting store in town). We took a short cut over to Columbia so we could avoid the traffic in Sonora and drove north on Highway 49, over New Melones Reservoir...

Through Carson Hill and into Angels Camp. 
These photos are for you Kate (Tatersmama~~~ blogger friend in Australia that is heading home to Murphys soon).
It's all waiting for you Kate. You'll be home soon.

The pups barked at the people on the street and then settled down in the back seat for the ride home. We drove north again, through San Andreas, Mokelumne Hill and into Jackson. Home at last. As soon as we turned on our road the little boys sat up and , without barking at the cows, sat quietly looking out the windows. They knew they were in their territory. They knew it was almost time for dinner and a warm sofa with Farmlady in the middle and the Prospector in his chair.
It was a fun trip but they were tired and ready for a quiet evening of thinking about their excellent adventure, their grand trip to another place, the bigger world where adventure begins and there are a thousand new smells to sniff out.
But right now, it was time to eat dinner and dream about their excellent adventure in the Mother Lode.


  1. I always think about how I would take tap and other dance classes when I retire...I know whats stopping me now...well I would like to lose some more weight and not be so breathy!

    I love cows and animals on the farms!

  2. What a wonderful and adventurous trip this must have been. I enjoyed taking it through your lens.

  3. Your expedition sounds like fun, and you even found the buttons you need. I've been in the towns you mention years ago, while camping with our family, and it reminds me I would like to go there again.

  4. Enjoyed this so much Connie,
    have you eaten at 'Grounds' in Murphys?

  5. Enjoyed very much the second part of your trip. The pictures are great as usual. Glad you found your buttons and got your hot fudge sundae. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  6. A white faced cow? How sweet! Have I told you how much Cutter looks like my Chelsea?
    Tell me what state you are in, again. Looks LOVEALY. (I spelt it that way on purpose, don't you know?)
    hugs, Cheryl

  7. Your excellent adventure was a wonderful trip down memory lane for me.

  8. Ahhh... Girl, I must have missed this post earlier! (So thank you so much for the nudge!)
    I completely and utterly enjoyed the trip down "Memory Lane" with you, and I even enlarged the photos to see if I could recognize anyone I knew...LOL! I didn't, but just the sight of the corner at 49 & 4... well, it made my heart start beating madly - like I was almost home!
    Those shops... those sights... Oh hun, they're all going to be MINE again in just a few short months!!

    I've been seriously thinking of starting another blog when I get home... featuring Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties - but especially "home" - and all that Murphys has to offer.
    Hey... and we could even do 'road trips/ shopping expeditions together!!!

  9. I was reading this post and thinking to myself, this must be the friend who posted about Angel's Camp for Kate.............next thing I read, These photos are for you Kate. Small world, huh?
    Actually came over to thank you for following me. Gotta go and sign on as a follower of your blog now:)

  10. Such a peaceful and lovely way to spend the day! So very blessed :)


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