I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Monday, September 6, 2010

Montana.... here I come.

"Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again..." ~John Denver~

Well, I actually do know when I'm going and when I will be back, but Thursday....  I'm going to Montana.
I will fly to Salt Lake City and then take a "2 seat Cessna prop" to Kalispell. Nope, I'm kidding. That's what the Prospector said because he knows I'm not comfortable flying in airplanes. He isn't either but I'm the one that's getting in the airplane so he thinks it's OK to give me a bad time. I'm sure that the flight to Kalispell will be in a good sized Jet with plenty of fuel and why would a terrorist want to mess with a little trip to north west Montana anyway. What would they fly the plane into? a grizzle bear? I'm sure that the flight will be fast and uneventful. Right? Right?
I'm so excited about this trip. I wanted to take a train... but that would have cut into my time up there with my friend and that's a trip that the Prospector and I want to take in a few years...together. So, I have to put my "big girl" pants on and just get into the airplane and GO.
Just look at what awaits me....
This is the view from my friend "D"s property. This is "Big Sky" country. She and her husband built their own home and live a life style that most of you can only dream of. I have lived her life vicariously for years. Even when we were teenagers I would see her off at the airport as she flew, with her parents, to every part of the world. I always wanted to go with her but I would stand at the airport window and wave goodbye as she flew to Europe, Africa and the Middle East to be with her family. She was the first "jet setter" that I knew. She was my world traveling friend. She would come home every summer and we would continue being best friends. She became a part of our family and well...I wrote a post about it some time back. Take a look here.

She came back to California in her 20's to go to college and then she finally settled in the northwest.. then Idaho and then Montana. She has been up there for many years now and says that she will never leave.
She lives in the middle of nowhere... but it's the most beautiful "middle of nowhere" I have ever seen. I've only seen photos. Now I will get to see all of this... in person. For the first time in ours lives I will be the one stepping off the airplane while she waves from the terminal building. She said it was "my turn" and that's true. It is.
A few years ago they built a chicken house on their property. She has two grandchildren that live in the Seattle area and come to visit every now and then. This photo was taken  of "D" and her granddaughter sitting in the almost completed chicken house. I love it. It reminds me of how long we have known each other 
and how far we have come in our lives.
And yet.... how much things stay the same. When the little girl, came busting out of her grandmother's car in the 1950's, snapping pictures with her little Brownie camera and running around in circles.... I knew that we would be friends for a long time. This was "D". She was my hero and still is.

But... she better be standing there in the airport terminal with a stiff drink in her hand and a big "Atta girl" look on her face. I don't fly for just anyone. I can't wait to get my feet on the ground and then , as the song goes...." I don't know when I'll be back again..."

P.S. Please do not comment about your BAD experiences on airplanes. Only "atta girl" comments will be allowed. Thank you.


  1. ATTA GIRL!! Oh hun, I know that you're going to have the greatest time with "D"... and I hope you take lots of photos to share with us!

    Omigosh, how gorgeous is that little hen house? I WANT one! Well, it would probably help to have a place to put it, and maybe some chickens... but still. ;)

    Have a wonderful time, my friend!

  2. The first time I ever flew was in a 4 seater that a friend of mine's family had and used in their business. J's husband was the most patient and responsible person I knew and I knew he would safely take me on my very first plane ride at age... almost 40. It was awesome. He even let me steer and showed me how the flaps worked and told me everything he was going to do before he did it... except once when we were coming back to the airport. We were flying east back into the sun, he had on earphones so all I could hear was his side of the talk with the tower and all of a sudden he started a turn before he told me in order to get lined up correctly on the runway. My hand clamped his thigh so hard he probably had finger bruises. We have laughed about that for many years. I went on the big jet without near the worries that I had before that flight. It has been okay since then. Jitters but no throw-ups or anything!


  3. Sounds like you are so excited you could probably breeze there without an airplane,
    just walk on air all the way.
    Much safer than driving anyways, but you know that!

  4. I'm so looking forward to your photos of Montana, such a beautiful place. I've always loved flying but with other things I don't like I tell myself, "Feel the fear, and do it anyway!" Good on you!! Have a wonderful time!

  5. Have a ball Connie, the flying will be fine. You'll do great. Just read and relax. A stiff drink before you take off is a good idea! How fun for you to visit "D". Hugs, Riki

  6. I know you will do ok on your flight. I have flown many times from Alabama to Oregon and it got easier each time. Have a great visit with your friend "D". See you when you get back hope you will have lots of pictures to share with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Putting on your big girl pants will make your constitution much stronger, Connie! Glad to hear you will be making the trip to visit with your friend. You will have fun, I'm sure. Take care.
    hugs, Sue

  8. I KNOW everything will be fine and fabulous, and you will have a WONDERFUL time with "D"!!
    (Very envious of your trip!!)

  9. Knowing you, you will have many a tale to tell! Put on your brave cap and fly away...oh and of course you are always welcome in these parts for a visit to fairs and wineries!

  10. Ohmygoodness! You are going to have the BEST time. As a (complete & total) kidred spirit when it comes to flying, let me just say - You are going to do JUST FINE! What a wonderful opportunity and I'm excited for you. *Love* that picture of your friend and her grandchild on the (incredibly beautiful) chicken coop porch (um, my porch is an old wooden pallet - just sayin') - :-)
    I hope you will have time to post some pictures while you're away. It sounds like a dream come true to visit there.

  11. Yaahhhh!!! You must be there by now! The only thing I love about flying is being able to see this beautiful country from above. How often do you get to do that. I hope your flight was uneventful and you are enjoying the Big Skies of D's homestead! Hope we get to see some beautiful photos!


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