I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Other Woman Comes Home

We brought her home yesterday. She had her brakes fixed and some other things that make her road ready. I think she has found out that she better be nice to us  because she is becoming an expensive pleasure. The auto shop owner had a big smile on his face as we drove off. He knows we will be back.
We stopped and filled her up with gas and someone shouted as he drove by  "Nice car". We went for a little drive, together, down Main St. and around town. People notice this car. Folks wave at you and smile. We saw people giving us the thumbs up. It was kind of fun.
The Prospector drove his new love down the road  looking blatantly happy about this beautiful new woman in his life. I wondered, as I drove silently behind him taking pictures, if I need to worry about this charming addition to our family?
I knew, as I watch him drive her up the road to our house that she was probably going to be a contender...
But, I will have to admit that she looked pretty darn good in the driveway. Kind of spiffs up the place out here in the woods. I think I can hear the Andrews Sisters singing on the car radio....
Carl and Cutter were not at all convinced that this wasn't the UPS guy in disguise and looked a bit concerned. They did a lot of barking....every time they went out front.
The Bone of Contention. Do you see my Toyota Rav 4 in our garage? Does this look like a Toyota? I think not.
This morning SHE was in the garage and MY Toyota was outside parked near the fence. The Prospector did a switch when I wasn't looking. He said that he didn't want her to get sunburned.  OK! I can play this game too.  Just watch me....


  1. It is a nice looking car. I guess you might as well enjoy it as much as your husband. You may have to build a bigger garage so you can have your car and his both under the same roof. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. She's a beaut, Connie. I think you'd better invest in a new lipstick and some of that French perfume.......

  3. Hah! You knew this day was coming and She would evict You from Your garage spot...and boy she does look right at home there!

    I think you have definitely got competition, but you've also got One Real Happy Prospector. He's so cute about his infatuation ;-)


  4. Build a carport. Hopefully your husband is mechanically inclined.
    A very beautiful expensive hobby and so fun. I LOVE old cars.
    I bought a 1951 Chevy pickup truck when I was 20 years old for $200. I loved that truck.

  5. You may have some competition in the garage, but I'll bet you're still No. 1 in his heart!!! 23 skidoo--have fun with her!

  6. heheheh.

    Was this his Dad's old car?

    Can't blame him for eviting yout Toyota. If I find the Fiat when I was a kid, I too would do the same.

  7. Oh sure, she looks good now but just you wait....the novelty will wear off and He'll come begging for a drive in the Toyota...she does look pretty cute though, kinda classy...

  8. I've gotta admit, she's pretty fine! Love the pic in front of the gate~~so sophisticated!

  9. Doesn't she look spiffy at the pumps? She would raise eyebrows at my local garage! I have a feeling you are going to come to love her as much as the Prospector does! Who wouldn't?!

  10. shes a contender... yes i cant wait to see the garage battles LOL...you guys make me smile.
    Love Grits and ear scratches for the pups!

  11. I think this is the second time I've said this today but I think you need a bigger garage!!!
    I love the Other Woman and would...we'll maybe not....make room for her in place of my Subaru...maybe not but at least the thought was there.

  12. That is one neat car. I love it and see why your hubby does too. Just remember it cannot cook or cuddle.

  13. Beautiful lady she is. What is she, WH wants to know. He loved the pics. Ah yes, they are fickle, those boys of ours. Hugs, Riki

  14. What a beauty... I don't blame you for being a bit jealous. Is the Prospector going to dress her up for things like the 4th of July parade or just cruise around occasionally listening to the Andrews Sisters on the radio?...


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