“Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace. ”
– Paul Theroux

Sunday, July 11, 2010

And Then There Were None.

Yesterday was the big day. My babies went out into the big world.
Two of them, with Mommy and Daddy's encouragement, left in the heat of the afternoon.
And then there were three....

The babies flew to the Mock Orange bush nearby and sat quietly, looking like they weren't sure what they just did....as if they wanted to fly back to the  cozy nest and the breathing of their siblings.

Another one fluttered it's wings and flew off. What bravery! What a big world it must be to them....
A world of wonder... and danger.... of beauty and instinct.

And then there were two...


This morning they were gone. "My babies" have flown out into the world. I will miss their downy little birdness, their feathered beauty and dark little eyes looking at me so trusting and new....
the noise and commotion.... the feedings and the worry.
One by one, they flew out of the nest and into the bushes. It's the way of all wild things (and children too). It's hurts a little but it's what is suppose to happen. I will take the nest down later this morning and clean out the metal tin. Later...

"Then they lift their wings, they become again a part of the untouchable clouds." ~ m. oliver ~

Goodbye little ones. Thank you for this beautiful summer of you.


  1. Ahhh... what a wonderful thing to witness! To be there and to be able to watch them every step (?) of the way, and then eventually watch them fly off into that big ol' world!
    What a special gift...
    And I love that you were lucky enough to get photos of them, through every one of their changes! How many of us get to do that, hmmm?

  2. Ahh, I read pride mixed with sadness. They don't realize how much they owe you (like all children), how important was your part in their reaching this stage. You are literally an empty-nester now! And your babies will truly soar. Love the quote. Very apt!

  3. And thank you, for sharing this wonder with us. =)

  4. So great they all survived after their trials and tribulations!

    You got some wonderful photos of them on this, their last, post.


  5. They all have to leave the nest some day. I know you will probably miss them but like you said you can clean up the tin where they made the nest. They are were they belong out in the wild. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

    P.S. the photos are great.

  6. Success!!! They all lived to fly away! It is bittersweet but how precious that you go to watch the little scene!

  7. ahhhhh, they grow up so fast!

  8. Such a great lesson in life, huh? Beautiful Connie! Hugs, Riki

  9. We rarely get to watch Nature's miracles so closely, much less to give shelter to it - you are so lucky/blessed! Thank you for sharing the happenings with us :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if mama and papa bird come back next year to start another family!

  10. Wow...you took some great pictures of the little birds...maybe they will stop by next spring.

  11. Aww, this is so precious. Their mama certainly took refuge in the right yard. Sometimes I think little things like this are like a wink from God above.

  12. So amazing. They were lucky to have you as such a kind host.

  13. I am glad they all made it ok. how fun to watch them all this time. the flutter of nature.

  14. You were luckier than me with your baby birds. I just found broken shells, but no birds.

  15. How bitter sweet. Thanks so much for sharing one of lifes simple miracles...your pictures stir feelings of the mother in me and of my baby who flew the nest over 10 years ago. I still look that she takes flight in safety although always from a distance. Maybe one of your babies will come back and nest here next year.

  16. Wonderful ending to such a sweet story. You shared some great photos and just the sweetest story :) I am smiling.

  17. Ain't life grand? If only we had things as simply as the animals. They do have hard ships, but they seem to pale in comparison to the crap we've created, huh?

  18. Thank you for sharing their story in pictures with us! So special.

  19. I love a good fledging farmlady!!! My bluebirds are on their third nest!!! :-)

  20. What a lovely and touching story about your babies leaving.


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