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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prayer Flags from Davis

I keep finding things that were laid aside last year. I found these prayer flags in the closet underneath the towels, folded into a neat little pile and remembered that I had ordered them, last summer, from an artist and friend in Davis. I had taken these photos so I could do a post on them and then, in the few months that followed, I folded them away in the linen closet and forgot to show you what a joyful idea these were.
Terry Busse, who lives in Davis, Ca. makes a variety of these "Blessing Flags" and the wonderful idea for them is to put a prayer or blessing in the little pocket for someone that you are thinking about. Then hang the flags somewhere that sends these good wishes to each person in hopes that they bring that person some relief from their cares and concerns. So, with five pockets waiting for a request, I will fill them as follows:
Blessings for my family; my boys, my lovely daughter in law and the mother of my grandchildren, my sister and her family and my mother-in-law. May they all find some happiness and a sense of peace about their lives and the inevitable trials that come with being in this world at this time.
Good thoughts for my friend "C' in Sacramento, who is facing an operation this week.
One for Laura in Georgia; for strength.
One for the people in Haiti.
And one for our Government; hoping that they can stop the arguing and posturing. That they can pull together for the good of this country.

I need more flag pockets. I have more good thoughts to send. I may have to do this, as a blog post, on a regular basis.

Terry Busse is an amazing fabric artist and she is the one who immortalized Murphy when she made a fabric quilt of our farm with Murph' dancing and showed it at the Davis Art Center two years ago. I was so proud. She read my post on Murph' dancing under the full moon and asked if she could do a quilt picture of this and write a poem about it. Then, after the show, she sent the quilted picture to me. I was stunned and overwhelmed. I treasured this beautiful piece of art.

Please check out her Etsy store called Garden Songs. She sells Blessing flags, dream pillows and wonderful cards.
Terry...,I know you're busy with your family, artwork and everything, but I miss your Blog posts. Hope all is well...
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  1. I always have way too much to pray about. It can be a bit overwhelming if you let it. Good post. Maybe a string on your finger so you won't forget! :)

  2. Thank you Connie,
    You are so kind to me - I am smiling, my heart is full.
    I love your blessings. And thanks so much for the email.

  3. What a nice idea. I think I'll have everyone in our family hang some blessing flags so when the little things in life starts getting us down, we can count our blessings.

  4. how cool THANK YOU... as today was another doozy... thankfully only ONE kid has a crisis each day... and today was Martha's turn...
    I am wearing out the serenity prayer but you know what... I know i can not fix this stuff for my kids and I know I have brought them up right so now it is up to THEM to do right.

  5. I remember when you posted about Terry before and displayed the photo of her beautiful quilt depicting Murphy dancing to the full moon. She is indeed a gifted.

    The prayer flags are a wonderful idea. I wouldn't hardly be able to decide who to pray for first.

  6. A very nice post and a great idea. I will have to remember this one.
    We all need prayer. Your friend Terry does beautiful work. I know you are so pleased to have some of it.. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. I am happy I stopped by here tonight to see how you are....love this post....so interesting your prayer flgs and I love how you shared what your going to fill them with....your such a blessing sweet friend..
    What a honor that Ms Busse read your post and then did a piece about it and then after the show gave it to you. How happy and pleased you must be...I know that I would be.
    Take care

  8. Prayer flags such a nice idea-but i would need SO many! Where would I hang them all?


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