It was, as I have said, a fine autumnal day; the sky was clear and serene, and nature wore that rich and golden livery which we always associate with the idea of abundance. The forests had put on their sober brown and yellow, while some trees of the tenderer kind had been nipped by the frosts into brilliant dyes of orange, purple, and scarlet.... As Ichabod jogged slowly on his way, his eye... ranged with delight over the treasures of jolly autumn. ~Washington Irving, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

Sunday, February 21, 2010


...for finding the first wildflower of the season.

..,for long walks with the pupster and the beautiful place that I live.

...for the daffodils blooming in the garden..., for the phone call from my youngest son telling us that he has finally gotten a job after being laid off for over a year..., for my friend "C"s slow but sure recovery from her knee replacement surgery..., for the ability to see, to reason and write about my world..., for the sound of my grandsons laughing when they play together..., for a husband who loves me in spite of my obsessions and inability to clean up the garage clutter..., for the phone call from my oldest son, just to talk and see how we are..., for my sister and her kindness and love..., for my friends..., for life..., and for the owl, I heard last night, calling from the oak tree below the vegetable garden..., I am so thankful.
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susanc said...

That's wonderful about your son's job and your friend's recovery! Yes, there are many things to be grateful for. Have a wonderful day Connie!

Anonymous said...

"So I have spent my life watching, not to see beyond the world, merely to see, great mystery, what is plainly before my eyes. I think the concept of transcendence is based on a misreading of creation. With all respect to heaven, the scene of miracle is here, among us. The eternal as an idea is much less preposterous than time, and this very fact should seize our attention. In certain contexts the improbable is called the miraculous.

What is eternal must always be complete, if my understanding is correct. So it is possible to imagine that time was created in order that there might be narrative -- event, sequence and causation, ignorance and error, retribution, atonement.

A word, a phrase, a story falls on rich or stony ground and flourishes as it can, possibility in a sleeve of limitation. Certainly time is the occasion for our strangely mixed nature, in every moment differently compounded, so that often we surprise ourselves, and always scarcely know ourselves, and exist in relation to experience, if we attend to it and if its plainness does not disguise it from us, as if we were visited by revelation." -- Marilynne Robinson, "Psalm 8", from "The Death of Adam"

Madeline's Album said...

First let me thank you for your visit to my blog and your nice comment. I am so glad to hear your son has found a job, and that your friend "C" is doing well after her knee replacement. I too have lots of reasons to be thankful. God has blessed me many times over. Have a blessed evening and may God continue to be with you. Madeline

jojo said...

very nice, I always enjoy looking at all my wonderful Blessings...the smallest, everyday things that bring us so much joy! take care.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What beautiful photos, and good news! Thank you for sharing this with us. It's always so nice to visit here.

Chicken Boys said...

See, that's what I'm talking about. Thanksgiving isn't just for Thanksgiving Day, is it? Have a great day.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Thank YOU for all your wonderful stories, pictures and comments!

Heidi Ann said...

Beautiful pictures, and your corgi is SO cute!!