I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunshine on Our Shoulders.., for a while.

For about three or four hours today we had SUNSHINE. It was dazzling, intense.., almost eccentric. We woke up to sun reaching through our bedroom window and flooding into the living room. I quickly ate breakfast and then took the camera, and the dogs, outside.
The sky was so blue. Everything stood out against this beautiful color. The rain has darkened all the trees, rocks and plants, saturating them with dampness until they couldn't hold, it would seem, one drop more.
....and then today..., a reprieve, a morning of "brightness blinding sight from seeing"..., a day when I really wished that I could fly up into this beautiful blue firmament above.
The birds crowded the feeders knowing somehow that the Prospector had filled them this morning for the first time in a week. The Finches, Sparrows, Grosbeaks, Bluebirds, Hummers and Doves.., all waiting for something wonderful to happen. All vying for the seed that magically appear in their feeders.
.... the goat boys were crusing the pasture. I think I saw a slight upturn of Brownie's mouth, as he passed me on the way to the front pasture. I couldn't be sure.
.... the chickens were clucking happily.
.... the cat was chasing something across the road. Carl ran around "hurding" the goats and Maggie, sweet old thing, sat down on the porch and absorbed the warmth.

..... the Helleborus, that had turned it's face downward in the wind and rain for weeks started to rise and look toward the sun. As if it now had good reason to make a commitment to the coming of Spring.

And as the day progressed, off in the distance, the clouds slowly moved up the river valley.
Now, as I write this, they have, again, wrapped us in the quiet eclipse of Winter.
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  1. That same persnickety yellow character that makes appearances on Raisin Brand boxes was playing hide and seek with me and my friend today as we were filming in the park!

    He or She, they get around!

  2. Thanks for the break from our snow here in Michigan!!! Loved the pics!

  3. Isn't it great to wake up to sunshine. Just today I was thinking how much I missed the sun and warm spring days.
    My plants in the yard are all frozen and it depresses me but this to shall pass. lol
    Take care

  4. One is always so grateful after a rain when the sun comes out. Everything is so clean and the sky is as blue as can be. Have a great day. Love the pictures. Madeline

  5. That was an Amazing post! Hope the bean writes like you!

  6. Lovely lovely sunshine...we had the same thing happen to us the other day and me without the camera...Unheard of! I can certainly say that I know how you feel...I was looking at the Helleborus as well! Cheers.

  7. All the critters loved the sunny reprieve! I hear your joy in that.


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