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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Past Due Tuesday: New Kid on the Block

There is a new VINTAGE blogging event starting today. The folks from Roomies, the blog for the Room with a Past store that I visit every time I go down to my sisters, are hosting a new opportunity to share your vintage and antique items with everyone. Be sure to take a look, here, for other great posts that share the love of things that have survived time and come with "a past". Please join us and share your love of all things vintage.

My offering today is a small crocheted throw that was my grandma's. I remember snuggling unto it on cold days, in front of her fireplace and I have this memory, in later years, of her sitting in an old wood rocking chair (which I was also given) with this blanket over her legs to keep her warm. She was still living in the house in the hills above the town of Napa, California, by herself.
In this quiet and simple house that had wood walls and dusty land surrounding it, this blanket was a burst of color. It's texture is heavy and tough and has stood the test of time. Each square is done with skill and there are a rainbow of colors within the design. I don't think that my grandma made this throw. As far as I know she didn't knit or crochet. Maybe it was a gift from someone she worked with.., or family but it's so lovely and well made. I'm sure the person who made it would be happy to know that this little blanket has lasted this long and now lives in another little house at the end of a dirt road. in the country.
As you can see..., this small blanket was a bright, warm and loving memory of my childhood. It wraps me in so many fond visions of a time when life was simpler and a woman, who didn't get along with the rest of the world very well ,loved me more than life itself. It's a memory of place.., and tenderness.

Please go to Roomies for more stories of vintage things that are "past due" for being shared with others.
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  1. What a lovely crochet afghan. Just one more treasure you have to remember your childhood. Did you get that bad weather you were worried about in your last post? My daughter that lives in Washington State said they were getting rain and wind. Hope all is well. Have a good day.

  2. Hey I have two of those that belonged to my husband's grandmother. One is done in black/primary colors like yours, and the other is blue/white/yellow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Makes us want to snuggle right in, especially on a cold rainy day like today! Thanks for giving us the background on this lovely item and for participating in Past Due Tuesday!!

  4. love it and love what it means to you... i have the quilt that my grandma made... actually one from each of my grandmas...i love snuggleing under them :)

  5. That lap robe is wonderful! It does look well made - Granny Squares! Gotta love 'em! I had one a long time ago, but made with inexpensive acrylic yarns, and didn't hold together too great. I love the colors in the one you have pictured here.
    Welsh Corgis - I have 4 girls! If you lived closer, you could come babysit them! My niece came for the weekend while we were away up North (did you see the post of fall colors?) and she had a blast with them! I have a Pem in each color - easy to tell apart when they commit criminal acts! The little stinkers - I sure love 'em!


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