I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Friday, August 21, 2009

House parts

These are my goat feeding shirts..., gardening, chicken coop cleaning, craft making, bush clearing shirts. They are indispensable. Even when it's over 100 degrees( which it often is ) here, I wear these shirts to protect my clothing and keep my arms from getting all scratched up. All are over sized and bought at the local thrift shop. I recommend having a few if you live on a farm. They come in really handy and when they get torn up and beyond help I can cut them up and use them for rags.

See the little room to the right? It's my little "half toilet". I have never understood why they call these little places a half BATH. There is no bath in it. Anyway, when I made the plans for this house I wanted a toilet near the back door. I didn't want folks ,in need, to have to walk clear through the house and into the bedroom hall to use the bathroom ; especially in the Winter. I call this my attached outhouse.

When we finally found a small enough sink and it was time do the finish work, I decided I was tired of all the "Navajo" white rooms throughout the interior and made a bold decision to paint the little room RED, from head to foot. I love it and I think I may have shown it on my blog before, but for those of you who didn't see it then, I want to introduce you to my little red "bordello bath". That's what the Prospector dubbed it after I painted it.

Red is , actually, a very neutral color. It goes with everything. I love changing the pictures and things on the wall as the season dictates. Christmas is really fun. Valentine's Day and Forth of July are wonderful holidays to add to a red room. Try painting a small room and see what you think. Paint the ceiling too. It's just fun to go into and use. Really! Kind of joyful and exciting. Makes the "toilet" a whole new experience.

I use to collect milk glass so I have a few pieces on top of the medicine cabinet. There was an oil lamp up there too, but we used it in the living room this Winter and it found a new home in there.
That's my great grandmother in the frame to the right. She looks kind of stern and watches you as you "sit". She makes you want to do your business and get out fast. I love straw hats and old prints so they adorn the wall too. The Rockwell plates seems to fit the decor; especially the one below the cabinet that has a little girl on it trying to apply makeup.
Even if you live in the country or on a farm, you don't have to have a plain and dreary mudroom or back porch. Paint is cheap and thrift stores are a great source of wall art. Go for it. Everyone needs a "Bordello" room.
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  1. Wonderful! I have a chicken-feeding sweatshirt, but you've inspired me to expand my backyard wardrobe. Love the red room, too.

  2. I too love getting oversized shirts. Mostly for dog training but they do come in handy.

    I love reds in a home. Such personality in the color red even as a stand alone colore. Your bath is very sweet!!

  3. Connie your red bordello room is very charming. I love the way it is decorated. Have a good day and a great weekend. Madeline

  4. What a neat little work and cleaning up area you have. You have done a great job and makes your work easier. I enjoyed your post and as well as your visit to mine.

  5. I love using red in a small space like this or an accent wall in a larger room. I'm thinking I may paint the ceiling in the kitchen/dining area red after reading some feng shui (spelling?) articles.

    And the oversized shirts... love them. My favorites are denim. If I go to run the weedeater (I need a goat or two) anywhere that may have poison ivy I cover myself as much as I can. That and cutting on the fir trees. Those things eat me up.


  6. Sweet! Love that red room - and so well appointed - even with disapproving and spying eyes watching your every move(ment)! Such big fun in a small space!

  7. love love love great grandma on the wall.. the pic and frame are just beautiful!!!! great room!!!!!!!


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