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Friday, April 3, 2009

Chickens Running Amuck

A turkey hen has decided to be a chicken. She is hanging with our hens and they seem to accept her as if she was just another chicken. She spends most of the day with them and then she leaves. Maybe she has eggs near by.
The chickens are having their way with my garden outside the fence. Making holes and dusting themselves in the Spring sunshine. This part of the garden is a lost cause. Last year I redid it and now..., look! Dust, feathers and poop, all over the place. I guess I need a new attitude. Let's see now. They give us fresh eggs so I guess I can give them a place to do their chicken danceing...%!#@*?".

But..., this is where I draw the line.Henny Penny( one of our banties) is teaching the other hens some bad habits. I don't know how the Araucana got through the fence but she could not get back through when I went out to see what they were up to and I had to open the gate so she could leave.
When Moke was alive they never came inside the fence. He would chase them. But as the dogs got older, Henny Penny and Squeeky( our banties ) would tempt fate and come into the fenced garden once in a while. Now, Henny Penny is leading this mass movement with the big hens. Next thing you know they will be sitting on our porch demanding something to eat.

Well.., I'm not going to take it anymore. The inside garden is mine. MINE I say. This may call for drastic measures. Threats don't work. We may have to "chicken wire" the bottom of my beautiful iron fence. It won't look as nice but then Penny and her followers won't be tresspassing in my "near the house" garden any time soon. It may be a farm.., but I refuse to relinquish my inner garden to a bunch of feathered fowl.
They get a little crazy this time of year. Turkey season opened last weekend and we hear gun shots all around us. Do you think that this lone turkey hen thinks she can survive the season if she disguises herself as a chicken? Turkey are not as dumb as people think.

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  1. I think you are correct in that the turkey is canny. She must feel safer there than out where the guns blow. I don't blame her. No wonder she hangs out there in such a pretty place.

  2. Oh No ! You can NOT let those chickens have their way! The next thing you know, you'll have total chicken anarchy and there's no telling where it will lead! They will be coming straight in the house and demanding you put dinner on the table!

    You need to get little
    "No Trespassing... Violaters will be EATEN" signs and post them along the bottom of the fence!

    And that sweet turkey? I hope she makes it through the season... I really do! Maybe you can make her a chicken suit or something!!

  3. You have a beautiful place I don't blame you for not wanting chickens running wild and messing things up. You may have to build a pen for them like you did for your goats. Looking forward to more antics from the farm. Madeline

  4. I was driving on our country road several days ago and topped a hill and saw... first thought (because of the size) somebody's emu got out and then... that's not an emu it's a wild turkey! It was running down the middle of the blacktop and there was another on the side of the road. Dang! When those birds stand up tall and trying to run, they look huge... and the surprise of it magnified their size, too. I managed to get slowed enough to not hit them, but it was a surprise and a treat. I've known turkey hunters that say the wild turkeys are very canny.

    If you let the invasion of the chickens continue you will be washing poop off the porch...daily.
    I know about that when I babysat chickens and turkeys for my niece for a week last year.


  5. Have you thought about setting a pot of boiling water near the fence and a sign that says fresh homemade chicken soup on it...lol...maybe they will take the hint and scram? They do tend to get pushy, give them an inch and they'll take a garden.

  6. Yes protect the inner garden at all costs. Maybe teach that new cat of yours a few tricks. ;-)

    The turkey hen is cute... I thought only the toms were hunted? Maybe she has a crush on your chickens.


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