I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't trust the Internet

Yes, I,m all right!!! Thanks.

Two weeks ago my computer crashed. It spent some time in the hospital and, finally, I have it back. Now the fun begins: I have to re-program everything. I'm going to call in an expert ( who knows exactly what they're doing) and ,also, have an antivirus program installed. I can't say this loudly enough: PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER!! Don't open any forwarded email or spam. I still don't know what happen, but I think it's going to be all right. I learned another lesson before this happen. Don't mess with the settings in your computer unless you know what you're doing. I don't know if I started all this, but the computer was acting funny for a week before it stopped.

After I had a small breakdown, I pulled myself together and went to my Mom's for a week. I just got back today and it is so good to be home with the prospector and the dogs. I have a lot to tell about my trip and(since my camera was working) I have new photos to share. Stay tuned.

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