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Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Ink

My nephew and his girlfriend came over to join the family on the 4th.  His body is a work of art.
He had a lot of tattoos, but the latest one is on his right arm.
This is his left arm...
Kind of scary and dark.

This is his right arm... a new tattoo.
It's really quite beautiful.
The tattoo artist does all of this free hand. These are called "sleeves".
A sleeve tattoo is a large tattoo, or a collection of smaller tattoos, that covers most or all of a person's arm, usually from shoulder to wrist.
His girlfriend "R" has one that I love. She has more... but I like the way this one looks like it's running and hiding.
You may not like the idea of tattooing your skin, but it's been going on for a very long time. Take a look at how far back folks were doing this...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoos 
When you ask, "Does it hurt?", you usually get a smile and a "Sometimes it does."
I think they are not telling the whole story. I think that it's a rite of passage.
 I think that it must REALLY HURT!

My husband has quite a few. He is always telling me that I should get "Just one."
My experience is that "just one" leads to another... and another.
I think that I like my skin just the way it is.


  1. That is quite a gallery of artistic tattoos on your nephew and his girlfriend. When I swim at the health club 3 times a week, I see scads of tattoos and sometimes think, does everyone have them? Not me.

  2. I'm with you; I'll stick to my skin the way it is. ;-) I don't think I've ever seen an OLD person with lots of tattoos or piercings. When I see people like your nephew and his girl, I always wonder, what will that look like in 60-70 years?

  3. I have one, on my ankle, and it hurt but I wanted it to. It is in memory of my son, a way for me to show outside the pain I feel inside. a small moon with a star. it's really very pretty but I have no desire to get another.

  4. I've tried to come up with a good sheep design, but haven't found one I like well enough to get it done ;-).

  5. No, Sharon, no tattos for me either, although I admire some of them on other people. I let my hairdresser talk me into getting my nose pierced a couple years ago. She said "oh, no, it doesn't hurt!" Well lemme tell ya, it hurt like hell-o! And then it was another pain to manage. I ended up losing the stud one day while away from home and the hole quickly grew back. Thus ended my venture into the world of "Edgy over 50"! Cindy from TheCranesNest.com

  6. wow...really quite cool...i like body art....i am envious of his hair though...i would love to have dredlocks....

  7. I do not have any tattoos and I do not want any. You can not judge people by what they do to their bodies some are as nice as can be and other well they are just plain mean. Your nephew and his girlfriend look like they are very nice people and I know your husband is. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. The artistry of those tattoos is amazing. I often think that I would outgrow my taste in the art (or the statement) I chose as a young person some 30 years down the road. It's just too permanent for me.


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