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Monday, April 7, 2014

"All right, Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close up."

MJ came and showed me how to give Amethyst eyes. She helped me outline and draw in with color. Now, my home girl can see things and tell me what she wants to wear... with your help.
Her head is attached and she has new arms.
Her hands have four fingers and a thumb now.

So, now it's 'dress the lovely lady' time... the fun part. Tell me what you think and which is your favorite. This will help me decide what to do. All these embellishments are just temporary... for her photo shoot.
First is the one above. It's a Nuno felted scarf that can be fitted to her. She will still need a covering for the neck (where the head was attached), a bodice or blouse, and hair.

Then there's the beautiful fur and sparkle design...
 ...using a rabbit fur and some sparkling ribbon with crystals on it. She will have long, real, hair that might have two skinny braids in front of her ears. I bought some real hair at a beauty supply store.

This would be another choice.
This is felted material with a darker beaded ribbon.

This is how she would look with some hair and lace pieces holding it in place.

And then I could go all little girl, fairy sparkle and give her satin ribbons and pretty layers of organza and tutu's underneath.
Please tell me which direction you think I should go. 
Because I have to clean up this mess pretty soon.
The Prospector is, for the first time in our life together, asking me when I'm going to put the sewing machine AWAY. For years he has given me a bad time about never sewing anymore and now.... he's afraid that the sewing machine is going to be a permanent fixture on the dining room table... that it's never going away.

So, what do you think? What is Amethyst telling you.? Old world "fairie" with felted clothing like the Hobbit movies, elegant and magical lady with fur or sparkle and fun?
 She will have some feathers in her hair. She will have more hair that is eight inches long. She will also have wings that I have to attach to her back and make clothing allowances for. I've decided that boobs are not going to happen on this doll for personal reasons.
And guess what... I bought more patterns. I think this may be another addiction.


  1. Charming BagladyApril 7, 2014 at 2:07 PM

    Congratulations! I knew you'd get there. She's adorable! I vote for glitter & sparkle. I like your no-boobs decision-----gutsy!! Dawn

  2. i am thinking fairy sparkle kinda gypsy look for her...its cool...my what big eyes she has....smiles....

  3. I go for the old world fairie with felt and silk...definitely a bit bohemian for sure. Nice job on the face...boots can wait until fall...summer is coming and with it, bare feet!

  4. Super cool fairy ~ liking it a lot !

  5. Holy cow! This is so fun and creative…Love, love it.
    No need to put the sewing machine away (smile).


  6. her eyes say it all, and they say she is an old soul...#1. I can't wait to hear her stories. She is fantastic C, you really put your 'soul' into her creation. lovely ladies.

  7. What fun! This is like having her colours done. Remember when that was all the go? I think she's a bright personality and needs some bold colours, the last 'look' is my favourite. I love her eyes, she has a slightly mysterious look!

  8. I believe I like the sparkle and glitter. Love her face you all did a great job. Have a blessed Madeline

  9. She's a cutie; you did very well on painting her face.

    I like the satins and colorful organza pieces...

  10. Connie, I see you and MJ coming to Dayton for another art doll making retreat. I like the Nuno felt, but not sure about that blonde hair!

    Once you get started on the art dolls they can be addictive. Maybe you need a sewing table in the bedroom?


  11. Since I am all about the bling Farmlady I vote for the magical lady with the fur.
    She kind of reminds me if your goat friends,LOL


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