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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Squeaky's Opinion on the New Chicks.

We have new blood in the chicken house.
They are in confinement until they are a little bigger. The baby Roadie is larger because he is older than the others.

 There was another one just like him but we let them out into the general population and one of the big hens killed his mate. The Feed and Supply said that they were really to mingle with the big chickens, but obviously not. So we put him back in with the little ones for a while longer,poor thing.
I want you to see the chick in the top middle of the photo below. Isn't she beautiful?
You can see her in every picture. This is a stand out chick. She's an Araucana. I'm going to call her Cleopatra because of her dark eyeliner. Even when we first got her she stood out.
Oh what a sweet beautiful chick she is.

There are two more Araucanas, a Silver laced Wyandotte and the Roadie.
 The Wyandotte seems more on top of things and very confident. Maybe he's a rooster. We'll see.
We have a symphony of chirping chicks to greet us morning and night. It's lovely!

Squeaky is not impressed.
She is being annoyingly broody right now, sitting on everyone else's eggs.I think she is doing this to get some negative attention. She is really upset that there is something littler and cuter in the chicken house.

"Squeaky! I looked up your breed today and they call you a Mille Fleur Bantam. This is a very special and  beautiful name. It means thousand flowers. Squeak'?, look at me. It will be alright. I won't give them your special pile of lettuce. Now, let me have the egg that you're sitting on..... Please."
She never looked at me and she wouldn't move. even when I reached down under her and took the big, brown egg. She just pecked me.
Tonight she laid an egg of her own... and left it for us.
I can't figure chickens out, but I'm working on it.
"Thanks Squeak'."


  1. It's getting dark here, and this old lady is almost ready for sleep...thanks for this lovely story....it shall follow me into night
    love your animals
    and your good good heart
    and she left you an egg of her own...ah

  2. Love your baby chick post. We had so many when I was growing up. We would play with them and get attached. Then cry when they were bigger or gone. I think they are so cute. I miss that part of the farm life.

  3. aww squeaky it will be okay...smiles....cute chicks though...

  4. The chicks are precious. Enjoyed this post and am looking forward to more as the chicks grow up. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Cleo is very lovely! Poor Squeaky...chickens are quite sensitive! I heard if you want to introduce new chickens to put them in the henhouse at night. Then they all wake up together none the worse for wear. I've never tried it so not sure if it works. Have fun with your new brood...I have chick envy!


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