Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dick and Jane's farm... A reprive from my felting fiasco

I drove down to the valley for the goat club meeting yesterday.
I love driving through the "flatland" in the Spring. It's very green and most of the roads are long and straight. The wildflowers were starting to bloom which makes the road side look even nicer. This is Sloughhouse Rd. It's a short cut that I always take to avoid heavier traffic on the major roads. It's filled with cows, old houses, farms and horses. If I were to move down from the foothills it would probably be out here somewhere.
The meeting was in Sheldon, a community that is a part of Elk Grove.
Jane's farm is on the main highway through town and she raises Alpine goats. After our potluck-meeting I walked out to visit with some of the residents.
"Hello" I said and one rather important goat walked over to me.
This goat was not about to let a stranger just walk up, lean over the fence and take pictures.
It had that "And just what is it you want, stranger." look on its face.
This look said, "Are you a goat person?"

I assured this goat that I was.
Jane said that they have five does that are almost ready to kid, so they are all a little on edge.
Five of the goats did look a little like they were walking with their back legs further apart than some of the others.
I remember the feeling. That one on the left above made me feel uncomfortable. 
Poor thing. I hope all goes well... and soon. 
It's such a waiting game and you are so ... heavy... unwieldy... off balance and... expectant in those last days.  Oh, yes, how I remember.
Jane will call me when the kidding begins. I will take more photos and have a post about all of the new babies. It will be an overload of cuteness.

"Bye. See you in a few weeks." I said,
"I will be the Farmlady with the camera. Don't forget."
They just looked at me.

Then the pig, named Piggy, came over to say goodbye.
Jane took this pig in as a favor to a friend. I think it's old. 
It's definitely a bit scary. Look at that tusk and those teeth. 
Now that's what I call a "guard dog". 
No respectable coyote would mess with this pig.
Me neither.


LV said...

It is getting bad when the goats start talking back to you. You are a fun lady and I do so enjoy your blog.

Brian Miller said...

awww...i think the pig is cute...pretty cool getting to hang out with the goats too...

Pauline said...

I would have liked to hear your chat with the pig. Will look forward to the baby photos.

Dirt Lover said...

Yeah, I think you must be a goat person, if you are carrying on complete conversations with them! and that pig? Holy cow. I mean pig. Really! That thing is pretty gnarly. Can't wait for cute baby pictures!!

joanne said...

looks like a fun day but that pig...yikes! Hope the goat delivers soon she looks might uncomfortable. Have a good week Farmlady.

jhopes70 said...

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Madeline's Album said...

The goats I like the pig not so much he is a little scary. I love the picture of the wildflowers very pretty. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Teri said...

And Sloughouse is known for it wonderful corn in the summer. Can't wait for that white corn! It looks like you had a great day! That pig looks mean!

Karen Deborah said...

that PIG!!!!! is some pig!

Debora said...

Those goats are so cute! Looking forward to pictures of the babies! That pig is something! Kinda cute in a ugly sort of way. But I wouldn't mess with him!

Dianne @ My Southern Heart said...

Nice post! Thanks for the San Francisco suggestions...I'm really looking forward to it. I think the bus tour is a great idea.

I can't wait until our Boer goats are old enough to have kids! And that pig does look a wee bit scary with that tusk!

Jo said...

At least the goat didn't have quite as much attitude as Dear Chicken did... Piggy is so.. interesting looking. lol