I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter? I don't think so.

I've taken the snow effect off of my blog. It just doesn't look right when I post photos that look like this.
I haven't cut the lavender back because it blooming like crazy and the bees are all over it.
I just can't cut the bush back with all these bees having such a great time.
Does this look like Winter to you?

 I also decided to wash the windows.
I pulled the chairs and table away, took the screens off and washed them separately and used the sprayer on the hose to get all the cobwebs off before I cleaned the windows with ammonia and water.  The sprayer is like a "fair warning" to bugs and spiders  before the soap and ammonia hits.
Look nice and clean don't they?
Come on rain. I'm being really in your face about this.
Then I sensed someone was watching me. I turned... and right behind me up in the eaves of the porch, guess whooo was giving me the eye.
"Can't you do this at night, when I'm gone? I was sleeping and you woke me up."
"Hi little guy." I replied, "I forgot you were up there. You haven't been here for a few days."
"Well..." he said, "I've been hunting and it's a lot of hard work. So please stop all the spraying and cleaning and let me sleep."
I could tell that he wasn't a very happy little owl and then, to demonstrate his annoyance,  he gave me his fiercest look.
He tries to look mean. I almost have to laugh because he's so little. I guess the little mice and ground animals don't laugh when he swoops down on them but, well... he's so cute when he tries to act tough.
I told him I was sorry but I needed to finish the windows. I told him it would only be a few more minutes.
He waited... and then, when I left the porch, he went back to sleep.
Do you see that his left pupil is bigger than his right one? Does anyone know if that's normal or not? I noticed it before. The left pupil is dilated more that the right.
So it's quite apparent that Winter decided to take a vacation this year. I might as well tempt fate and wash some windows. What the heck! You know what they say about this. If you clean your windows or wash your car it will rain... so I'm doing a rendition of a "rain dance". We'll see.
Everything seems to be enjoying the sunny weather.
Carl found himself a warm spot and  looks like he's telling me,
"Don't come any closer to me with that camera, Farmlady. Just leave me be."
And the Paperwhites are blooming.
I find it all kind of strange. What do you think? If this is Winter...


And I don't think it's just about us and our carelessness... or emissions.
It's just changing... Something is different.
It's happening quite fast.
I can feel it in the air.
Somethings up...


  1. Have you had any bad weather at all? We have had a piddly 2 inches of snow this week and some rain in Dec. I can handle this kind of winter! Temps in the 50's are fine w/me. Although those southerners think THAT is freezing! LOL

  2. Yes, I agree. Something's up, something in the air that's different. I feel really good, at peace.... but something.... We shall see....

    Those beautiful white flowers blooming, your owl,they must make life feel really good....promising....

  3. spring...that's what's coming..doesn't it feel that way
    We drove out to the country today and we saw so many hawks sitting together on branches....like it was springtime....and way to much green on the ground....but oh the weather is nice
    I love that owl....
    is he leaving pellets?

  4. haha love your convo with the owl...it was so hot i was actually sweating today...might as well get some spring cleaning in...hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend...

  5. I'm not sure what is happening to the weather. We just drove from Victoria, BC all the way down the coastline to San Diego and back up I5 and not a bit of snow in sight the whole trip. Unusual through the passes.
    I love the photos of the owl... definitely looks like Spring where you are...enjoy.

  6. I too have some spring bushes and flowers with some blooms on them. It has gotten down in the 20's a few mornings but the last few days in has been in the 60's in the afternoon. It can not quite make up its mind winter or spring :) I just love your owl. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. I have never seen an owl so close! He's great!

  8. I love that banner picture. It's so warm here too, the quince is blooming?? and my neighbors huge rosemary bush is awash with blooms, just like your lavendar. I'm lovin' it!
    Happy New Year!
    xo, suzy

  9. something is up.
    and it is strange.
    and it concerns me
    a lot.
    Although your paperwhites and clean windows look lovely. Now just wash the car and be done with it!

    word verification is 'worse'

  10. We're having a mild winter here in Washington state too! No snow...yet. There seems to be some kind of cyclic change happening. So happy to see your wise little friend again! So cute how he tries to intimidate you with those big round eyes!

  11. I don't feel what everyone else is feeling yet. Although I have been weeding like crazy and having to water because things are drying out way too soon, it has been cold and windy here today. Fire warnings in the area and extra firefighters on watch just in case. I haven't seen any paperwhites here yet either. I know that you are lower in elevation than we are and much farther south so that is probably why it is happening in your area now. I heard from someone the other day that The Farmer's Almanac predicts a late winter with snow levels very low. We shall see, right Connie? I can look to the Sierras and not see one speck of white on the tops of the mountains.

  12. Your windows look fabulous! I'm afraid that I never even got around to washing the outside of mine last year and they look awful. :-(

    Enjoy the warmth while we have it. Winter will come when it's darn good and ready!

  13. This post had me just a giggling. Especially you and your owl.

    Your front porch is so inviting and everything looks like you've found your piece of Heaven here on earth :)

  14. I tried watering while the clouds were overhead hoping they would learn by example, but no. We'll just have to wait I guess

  15. That pic of the owl with the eyes wide open is amazing!

  16. Love that owl....never have seen one so close before!
    We haven't had much of a winter here in NC either. It's only been below freezing a few nights and my daffodils are up with blooms almost ready to open. Sad...I love the definite change of seaasons and now they seem all mixed up!

  17. The air looks cool, not freezing. The owl so very cool!


  18. I LOVE your cute little owl-and yes, your windows are sparkling!
    I know--I've got that same feeling. 18 feet of snow in Alaska--and here in SE VA--we've got forsythia and ornamental crab apple bushes in full bloom. I loved your paper whites!

    What a beautiful place you have and all the wildlife--oh--what a wonderful life!


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