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Monday, January 9, 2012

A win and a loss... but everything is Ok.

I found out that I won a giveaway from Linda Lanese's Felting Crafts blog and today it arrived in the mail.
This is the Robson and Ekarius book called THE FLEECE & FIBER SOURCEBOOK.
 This is a beautiful book and I want to thank Linda for having the giveaway and sending me this book.
The book shows you over 200 animals and the fiber they produce. There is a section for sheep, goats, camelids (alpaca, llamas etc.) and other critters like dogs, bison and rabbits. It shows all the breeds and were they came from. This book is fascinating. There are stories about how these animals came to America and the history of each. The photos are lovely.

I feel very lucky to have won this book. Thanks again Linda.
Be sure to stop by and visit her blog. She has so many good ideas. Each post is filled with felting possibilities.

We can't win all the time but it's nice when we do. Today was  one of those days when you do something that you don't want to, but you know it's the only right thing to do.
As you know our goat, Brownie, has had a time of it. Last year he had an accident  and lost his horn. The stress of this, the resulting bout with Coxcidia and his weak condition were bad enough but the rejection from the other goats was worse. Especially from Bart, who would not leave Brownie alone.
A few weeks ago we found Brownie in a corner of the lower south fence. He was all twisted around with his head underneath his body and he couldn't get up. His horn was bleeding again and he was in a state of panic. The Prospector finally got him untangled and upright but Brownie was not doing well. He could hardly walk. We don't know exactly what happen but we suspect that the goats were playing  around and he got knocked over, again. He's so fragile. He usually walks away when they are playing but he probably got cornered this time. At any rate, he was down and couldn't get up.
We separated him from the other goats and the vet has been out here twice. He has a form of animal rickets that makes him very weak. We have been giving him grain with vitamin  A and D in it. We also gave him his first round of shots called Bose for white muscle disease. He's improving... slowly.
The area he is in won't be much protection when the rain comes (If it comes at all this year.) and he would have to have more shelter soon. We couldn't let him in with Bart and Freckles because they would butt him and probably knock him off of his feet again. The vet bills were rising and building another shelter was too expensive. So we had to make a hard decision.
We have given Bart and Freckles to a farmer in Calaveras County. He came and picked them up this afternoon. Now, it will just be Brownie and Murphy here together. Murphy has always been good with Brownie. He's kind of protective about Brownie.
We also didn't have a big enough area for these four goats to graze in. A bigger area would have meant more fencing which we couldn't afford, so we have been feeding them with expensive grass hay to supplement their diet.
Now there will only be two goats and Brownie is happily back in the goat house tonight with Murph'. I will miss Bart and Fleckles but I know that this was the best thing to do. They are fine and the woman told me that she has some of Bart's relatives at her farm. We all got these goats from the same breeder.
Now we can take care of Brownie and not worry about him being hurt again. Murphy will still be my magical goat. He will work his magic on Brownie and maybe Brownie will recover completely.
I feel a little sad, tonight,  but I know it will be OK. .


  1. I am glad you won this interesting book. I do not good on winning thins either. Take care of your "pets".

  2. Oh - I am sorry to hear about the goats - and yet, glad that they will still have a good home, even if it has to be with someone else. I am sure Brownie appreciates all of your love and care!

  3. I was afraid to keep reading after the Prospector untangled Brownie. I thought for sure that something even more terrible had happened to him.
    So, even though it is sad that you had to give away two of your goats, I'm relieved that Brownie is still here and is with Murphy. As hard as your decision must have been, I'm sure you did the right thing! :)

  4. Very nice book. Decisions regarding our animal children are tough. Everyone keeps saying we need a goat. I think for now we have enough animals!
    xo, Cheryl

  5. gosh i actually breathed a sigh of relief because i was thinking you might have decided something about brownie...sorry it came to this but...smiles.

  6. I was afraid this story would have a tragic ending, but you found a beautiful solution with your delicate goat now in a more gentle situation, and those two more rambunctious goats in a good home.
    Well done lady!

  7. I was so afraid that this story was going to have a different ending and so relieved that it is not what I had anticipated. He will have time to heal on his own now and without so much stress he should make great strides. I'm sure your feelings are very mixed but you still have 'magic!'
    Congrats on the book, it looks fascinating.

  8. Glad to hear you won the book. I too thought that something terrible happened to brownie. Sorry you had to give 2 of your goats away. You still have 2 left. Maybe now brownie will get completely better. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Sending prayers and hugs to you and Brownie. {{{hug}}}

  10. I know this has been a tough decision for the Prospector and you, but you considered it from every angle and I think it will all work out for the best. You are both so conscientious and caring about your animals...

  11. It's fun to win something, isn't it?

    For a minute there, I thought you were going to say you had decided to put the goat down--and was relieved to find out you had actually given two of the rougher ones away to keep him! How very kind and caring you and the Prospector are I know the other two goats will be fine, and you will not have to worry about Brownie anymore. It was sad-yes--but you've worked it out.

    I don't think I've ever commented here--but I've read you a lot. Found you from Peach's blog, I believe. :)

  12. Congratulations on your win! Looks like a really interesting book.

    I'm sorry about your having to make such a decision; I know it must have been very hard, even if it was the right thing to do. I hope Brownie feels stronger every day. Poor guy, he's really had a time of it. Sounds like he and Murphy get along well and I'm sure Brownie is relieved that he won't be picked on any more. Give him a little pat on the head for me! :) Hugs to you! xxx

  13. sigh of relief! after reading that mental p mama has breast cancer and the description of brownie I was thinking this was turning into a bummer of an evening. you had me going in a totally different direction! Brownie is alive and maybe down the road you can add a few does. Male animals are a trip together. I thought you had Brownie put down the way you were talking.
    It's been raining here for days.
    I have discovered that I'm going to be one of those old ladies that can forcast the weather by the "achin in me bones"

    now you cheer up and read that beautiful book while i catch my breath.

  14. Oh I am so sorry about poor Brownie I have a soft spot for him he has had to endure more adversity than is fair for any goat!
    But it ended better than I was afraid it would so I'm thankful for that, Farmlady.
    Here in Phx it has been unseasonably warm too & we are wishing for colder weather & rain.
    For eons climate has changed from hot to cold, what makes us think that will ever NOT be the case?!

  15. What a kind choice you made! Many folks would have gotten rid of the puny goat and kept the strong ones! It warms my heart that you kept little Brownie. If anyone can give him the environment to thrive and get better, you and the Prospector can. Please keep us updated on his progress. I know that I speak for your other readers when I say that we all have a special place in our hearts for your little goat.

  16. It will be ok farmlady. You did the right thing. Hugs to Murph and Brownie.

  17. This had me, well, gulping. I would be heartbroken if one of them didn't make it. I know its a natural thing in life, but I like watching you post about them all. I love goats.

  18. What a hard call to make, knowing how you love all your "babies". Sounds like you picked the perfect person to take them.

  19. Farmlady, I think you made the right decision: the most loving decision, and one that took a lot of courage. We must protect the weak, whenever we can. I'm sure Brownie is going to thrive now.

  20. That's a really tough decision Connie but I know your soft spot for Brownie is a big one. We are probably going to lose our boy Tramp anyday. He sadly had a stroke a while ago and in the past few days is not doing well. No suffering, just kind of tired and giving up. We will probably find a new home for his girl Katie and take a break from goats for a while. Hope it all works out with Brownie and Murph.


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