I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Friday, November 4, 2011

Little spirits, brave and true.

We knew it was coming.
We could see all the signs.
There were ships filled with pirates
adrift on the lawns.
And pumpkins,
and bats..
on everyone's porches.
As it got dark,  then pumpkins appeared,
with sinister faces and strangeness... and leered
at the children reminding them well,
that now was the time
for a Halloween spell.
At last darkness came,
And when, with eager, bated breath,
They shouted "Now?".
"Not yet.", we said.
And, Oh the waiting was so hard.. for some.

Others weren't so sure. The older ones were jaded men.
Wishing more for being costume free and then...

The magic night did work its spell...
 And all the men were ready.
Both SWAT and NINJA faced the night,
To battle fear and steel their nerve,
To brave the unknown, beasts of fright.
 Willing to face the tradition...
With thoughts of bountiful bags of loot.
 Braving the wilds of suburbia..
(As soon as the shoes and socks were on.)
Off they went with Dad in toe,
A "knight", to battle many foe.
To  challenge goblins, keep witches at bay
and clears the dragon "right of way".
 Mom and Noni settled in.
 Ready... as the night,
to see the faces,
hear smalls voices...
( To laugh when a two year old grabs all the neon bracelets with both hands,
  and one just stands there not knowing what to say.. )
A basket of glowing goodies, waiting with joy
For each brave, young girl and boy.
A basket of treats for only the asking
A night of openness, trusting... and ghosts...
Basking in  years of memories. Ghosts...
waiting for their child to return,
With their favorite... a BABE RUTH...

And they came back....

From their plunderers quest...
To consider what fears they had conquered.
To tell of adventures to distant land.
To sit in familiar laps
and talk of raids and bounty.
To laugh...
And feel safe after the great adventure.
On their well lit porch.
 One wonderful night a year when puppies wear glowing jewelry
and don't bark because they are a part of the whole.
Excitement prevails and life is secure.
When nighttime is not quite so scary
and you can stay outside later,
watching everyone and shouting..,
"Hey Noni, Come and look at the moon. It's getting bigger."
And all the world is a wonderful, mysterious place .
Oh yes, it was a wondrous eve.
Sweet friends, the spirits come anew.
Life is long and sometimes weary.
Believe in all things bright and clear..
Walk the nights of bleary vision,
 As a child, brave and true.
Life is trusting,  hoping.. seeing.
This is what I wish for you.


  1. This is a wonderful Halloween essay.

  2. Connie, this is a wonderful post. Your grandsons are cute in their costumes. The photos are just great. I know they had fun on Halloween night as did you. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  3. It’s been almost a week since last we heard from you. I was beginning to worry, fearing that some terrible ghoul might have ravaged you! Your beanie boys are so cute; a couple of truly brave little men! Except for the bracelets (very cool!) you gave out the very same candy I did. I have to be honest-----it wasn’t because I wanted to give the kids some quality candy, I wanted to be sure there was stuff I LIKE if there was anything left over. And there was!!!
    Every time you post pictures from Gregory Gardens you’re probably going to hear, again and again, memories they bring back for me. Seeing the walk leading up to “your” front door is so familiar and feels like it wasn’t very long ago. I see your mother’s bearded iris and red-hot poker planted around the mailbox. “Mom, can I go over to Connie’s?” “MAY I ...” “Yes, you may. Be home by 4:45.” “If Mrs. W asks me to stay for dinner, may I?” “Not tonight. I want you home having dinner with your family”. That was a time when nearly all families ate dinner together. Remember those good ol’ days? Thanks for the nudge down memory lane. ~Dawn

  4. Great Pumpkin, that sounds like fun. As predicted, we saw not one trick-or-treater on the street. Mom, in Castro Valley, had dozens.

  5. ha very nice...great costumes boys...and glaad you had fun and had your knight to follow along and keep you safe as well...cool on the glowing bracelets...that is a neat idea...

  6. ha very nice...great costumes boys...and glaad you had fun and had your knight to follow along and keep you safe as well...cool on the glowing bracelets...that is a neat idea...

  7. It's wonderful to experience holidays through the fresh young eyes of our grandchildren isn't it! Love your happy verse!

  8. Ahhh....boys and their costume choices! I remember well the many years of ninjas, grim reapers and ghouls - fortunately, there was a little girl neighbor who was always around to give me my princess-mermaid-snow white fix!
    What a wonderful evening it looks like you all had!

  9. I think Halloween is celebrated in the USA more than any other country. In England the dress costume is strike, only skeletons, witches, and other dark characters. However, not many really celebrate in England. No pumpkins either. I enjoyed your poem and photos, the kids are precious!


  10. Sounds fun! I guess the lore of Halloween for hubby is to open the door and see all the happy and fun dressed goblins. Since it was Ane's favorite holiday, I have a hard time with it, but maybe if I have a grandchild one day, the lore will return for me as well...


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