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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post Easter post

I came back home yesterday. Had a wonderful time with my family... sons, grand kids, nephews and cousins. Sis and I decorated the table, cleaned the house and decided that I should always come down a day early on every holiday so we can do this together. It was much easier for my sister and it was fun to do it together.
The main table came together beautifully. Sis made a table cloth out of burlap yardage and we arranged a (Ace Hardware) roll of garden burlap (loose weave) down the center. Then we pulled all kinds of great things from the rest of the house to decorate with. A birdcage, wood veggies, candles, and a charming bunny.
On Saturday morning we took a long walk up into the hills.
We took my nephew and the dogs with us. I was walking with Lucky, the black lab, on a leash. That's why some of these photos are blurry. He just wanted to keep going. Stopping for photos was not part of his routine.
Lafayette is big on walking and biking.... with dogs, so we met quite a few dogs, and their people, on our hike.
This walk was a beautiful beginning to the Easter Weekend.
In the afternoon Sis and I took a Lily to Mom....
It still seems odd not to have her with us. We miss her so much.

Later we decorated and got the house in order for Sunday dinner. We set the "children's" table.  Sis used my felted soaps for decoration. They made the whole room smell good.
Everyone arrived Sunday afternoon. Lots of talking and hugging. Lots of hors d'oeuvres, wine, sodas and fruit juices.
We had a wonderful ham dinner, great vegetables, salad and potatoes. We finished with an angel food cake covered in pineapple whipped cream frosting with orange rind in it and sweetened strawberries on top (One of mom's old recipes) and, of course, some extra orange rind on top. My daughter in law made chocolate covered strawberries that were the biggest strawberries we had every seen. Delicious!!
My little grandsons had Easter Bunny overload and were ready to go home soon after dinner and dessert. We said our goodbye's and I made promises to come down again soon.... or have Mommy and Daddy bring them up to the farm.
I wish we lived closer. I miss their sweet little smiles...
and kidelicious silliness.
Maybe we could move back to the burbs.
Maybe the goats could learn to live in a suburban backyard.
No, probably not. I'm not sure that the Prospector and I could return to civilization. Not yet, anyway.
For now... I will drive down there to them, so I can  see my little beans as much as possible.
Love ya, little cowpokes. See ya soon.....
Lucky, the black lab, says.... " Did everyone go home?
Lily, the shorthair, says.... "Fozzy!  Lets go look for Easter candy and leftovers .FOZZY! Where are you?"
Fozzy was curled up on the sofa sleeping. It was a long day and he was tired.
I hope everyone had a happy Easter.


  1. What a wonderful Easter you had with your family. The table and the goodies all looked so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. I'm glad you had such a nice Easter, and I enjoyed seeing all of your photos.
    And the food sounded great, too!

  3. What a wonderful Easter you all had and look at how big the beans are getting!

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. what lovely tables you set! and what a beautiful new banner at the top of this place!! :)
    i know what you mean about it still being strange for Mom not to be here...mine's been gone for almost 2 years and the holidays we shared as a family will never be the same.

  5. That is a delightful post, full of the joys of family. Love your table setting!!

  6. wonderful stuff Wish I had talet like that!

  7. Oh Farmlady the table was a sight for the eyes!
    How clever you & sis are!
    Nah don't think you would suit the 'burbs, my friend!

  8. You are a burbs visitor couldn't make it down there. You've been living the good life for too long. What great artists you two are! Love the table and everything looks wonderful! Dinner sounds good the cake to die for...drool....
    cake did she say cake?

  9. What a glorious time you had, and the basket with the rocks, how beautiful :)

  10. Such beautiful tables! Sounds like you had the perfect Easter! Always sad to leave, but I'm sure you're already looking forward to the next trip.

    Poor Lucky....

  11. What a great time you've had...I live very far from my sister and brother and kinda far from mom and dad and other brother and it's times like holidays that I miss them so. With the price of the ferry to get to see my sister and brother ($200),it's few and far between.
    p.s I can't imagine living in the burbs either...I miss some things about the city but that's what trips to town are for!


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