I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Joy

I'm missing this.. and this house.... and these little beans....
So, tomorrow I will pack my bags and go down to Pleasant Hill to visit with my family for a few days. I will give out candy for Halloween while my grand babies go out trick or treating with their Mommy and Daddy.
I just love this holiday! No matter what anyone says about the implications of this night and how we are worshiping the dark side, etc, etc, etc. I only have to say..... Lighten up. It's the one time of the year that your children can dress up and be someone else.. and you can be a kid again. Let your child see the generosity of others. If you think that it has to be productive take a little box with you and collect change for UNICEF or some other worthy cause. But, go meet your neighbors. Say hello, introduce yourself and give the evening a chance to work it's magic. Show your children what "neighborhood" is all about. Show them  less fear and a lot more "lets have a little fun". Life is short. Being an adult is a long journey.
When was the last time you were this excited....
When was the last time you carved a pumpkin?
Does that pumpkin look evil to you? I think not....


  1. I love halloween too! In my heart I carry many years of innocent, child-like fun. I'll never understand those who try to make it anything else.
    Have a wonderful time with those beans of yours...you are making memories they will carry in their heart always!

  2. Well said! Lucky you to see the joy in your grandchildren's faces as they head out the door for some trick or treating. I miss my little pumpkins...they're all grown up now.

  3. Enjoy your visit, and don't eat too many of the treats at once!
    Have fun!

  4. I too enjoy Halloween. I love decorating my yard and house for it. My grandchildren here are getting older now but they still come over to trick-or-treat. I wish I could see my youngest one out in Washington on Halloween but I know they will have fun. Have fun with your two grandsons. Madeline

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  6. Halloween equals devil-worship? MALARKEY! For nearly 200 years it’s been celebrated as a secular holiday in this country with no meaning more heinous than having fun; a day of pretending and playing dress-up. What’s more fun for a child than that? Pigging out on candy, maybe!!!! And if you can make the night scary, oooooo how exciting!! Gosh, Pleasant Hill on Halloween. What wonderful memories I have of Farmlady and me collecting as much candy as possible in our large paper bags (shopping bags with handles were the best if you could get your hands on one), running up and down as many streets in Gregory Gardens as we could cover before we were called in to bed-----Helen Rd, Rose Ln. Gladys Dr, Maureen Ln. We didn’t have parents tagging along in those days. Every year I had dreams of being able to wear a store-bought costume but it was unaffordable at my house. So, every year at the last minute I became either a pirate with a penciled-on mustache, 1 hoop earring and a kerchief on my head, or a hobo with a slap-dash patch sewn on my shirt and another on my jeans, and some eyebrow pencil-dirt smeared on my face. I didn’t really care, there was CANDY out there!!! There were no worries about tainted goodies. I got to keep everything I collected with the exception of anything unwrapped; that went into a bowl in the kitchen so it wouldn’t attract vermin to my bedroom. Actually, I think that was just an excuse for my mother to get some of the goodies!!! I sorted my “loot” into categories and because candy was a very limited commodity at my house, I rationed it carefully to make it last as long as possible. I can hardly wait til tomorrow night has concluded so I can see what treats have been left for me!!!
    One last thought. Farmlady, after those adorable boys get home, just for old-time’s-sake, why don’t you walk over to 2000 Helen Rd, knock on the door and say, “Trick or treat”! ~ Dawn

    Thanks for the memories Dawn. If I can I will knock on your old house's door.

  7. Wow somebody added a post to your post. I'm in the same mood you are. I posted a whole history of fun costumes I made. We are a family that loves to play dress up and just have fun. I enjoyed my little trick or treaters last night. Except for Giganticus wanting to bark at everybody.
    One little girl said, " oh Roman it's just me, I'm dressed up you silly puppy." She rubbed his head he wagged his tail. That one made my night!

  8. Yesseree boys...this night is for fun and fright and sqeels from the kiddies...one night. Thats it! No lingering on of the 'holiday'...just a good night to play dressup. I love carving pumpkins!

  9. Oh good for you Connie, we had so much fun with the grand daughters for halloween. Everyone was hyped, very fun. Maddie wore her costume proudly! Hugs, Riki


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