I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Friday, February 19, 2010

Non sequitur

Can you see this? You are looking up through the skylight in my kitchen. Annabel got up on the roof again and won't come down. She has been there for 2 days. I guess she gets some warmth from the window up there. Carl doesn't like it. When he sees her in the window he has a barking fit.
She looks so pathetic up there but, as you will notice, she has gone to sleep in the middle photo. She will cry and act like she wants down but she won't come down on her own. We ALWAYS have to go up and get her. I don't know why she does this. It drives us crazy...

Murphy has been dancing again. I caught him the other day trying to show the other goats how good he is. Actually , part of this dance is to find another goat partner and play the MOUNTAIN GOAT STOMP. They rear up and charge each other and then they push each other back and forth until one of them gives up. It's a big game. But Murphy does the "rearing" the best. He's a pro...

This is the strangest thing. That chewed up old dog bone is standing almost strait up on that rug. I came in the front door last night and practically fell over it. I think the dogs have too much time on their hands.
Maybe it's a secret dog trick. Gary Larson could have done a great cartoon on this. It would have been two dogs sitting under the table watching a human fall over the upright bone and the dogs would be rolling on their backs laughing hysterically. It's kind of spooky to see a bone standing straight up on the floor in front of you. The Prospector and I were talking about this at dinner . Could it be that the dogs don't have anything better to do? We have decided that Maggie probably didn't initiate this little game. She's so old. She can hardly move anymore and she can't see very well. Carl, on the other hand, is always causing trouble and chewing on things..., so we're pretty sure that this was his idea. We gave him TWO walks yesterday. He had no reason for this little act of domestic mischief.
Neither of them are talking..., and Maggie threw up on the living room rug this morning. Poor thing..., she's getting too old for all of this drama.
The Prospector got the ladder and the cat has been saved from another night of roof sitting and cold overhangs.
Murph' is not dancing today. The fog returned this morning and the sun has disappeared for the day so he and the other goats are standing near their house looking like something awful is going to happen.
The dogs are asleep, but I'm keeping an eye on them....
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  1. I don't blame the goats. Have you seen the movie "The Fog"? Scary, I tell you. Sounds like the cat and dogs (Carl, in particular) are trying to keep you on your toes. Welcome to flag counter world. Have a great weekend. Hope the sun returns for you.

  2. Glad to hear Murphy is dancing again - it is getting close to spring after-all.

  3. Maybe Murphy was doing a rain dance. I think it worked. The bone may just be a divining rod pointing towards the sky. It told the truth. Annabel was trying to warn you.."The rain is coming, the rain is coming!" Your animals are really looking out for you.

  4. It's very odd the things that dogs do to keep us on our toes. It snowed all day today & Button has decided she doesn't like her belly all icicled so we put a coat on her now to go out in the snow! Your kitty is a hoot, but how intriguing this strange compulsion to go up on the roof! I love your interactions with your critters.
    As for the Bean & little Bean, you are making beautiful memories as you say that will be there when we are long gone-I see it with my sons & their memories of their grandparents. Next month is our winter holiday with our older GS's, that's the stuff that endures, farmlady!

  5. This post made me laugh! You've got some crazy stuff going on at your farm! Loved all the pictures and the details (well, except for the throw-up part)...
    I want to give Murphy a big hug...his dancing looks absolutely mood-lightening! :-)

  6. You have a lot going around your house with all the animals. Keep the stories and photos coming I for one enjoy them. Have a blessed day and weekend. Madeline

  7. That is one crazy cat, and the dog bone...spooky. xo, suzy

  8. I have a cat & he is forever curling up to sleep in the strangest of places. I love all of your photos but especially the photos of your cat on the roof.

  9. OK, I just saw that picture of Annabel on the roof through the glass (on your blog) and that was really amazing. What a crazy cat!


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