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Monday, January 4, 2010

Truck Art: Creativity of a Four Year Old

What do you do with chicken feathers when you're 4 years old? They become paint brushes and you become a famous artist.

You find some water. You decide on a medium, you test it's viscosity and you begin. A shiny dark blue background seems to be an excellent canvas for the beginning of this artistic endeavor. You must stand with purpose and see the vision of your imagination. You must always use your other hand to create an air of concentration. This is similar to conducting an orchestra except that the instruments are inside of you and the music is heard only by the conductor.

"I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them." ~Pablo Picasso~

How does a four year old create his own world? How does he become the man that he wants or has to be? What will this grandchild of mine become? Will he be famous? Will he find the thing in life that he loves?
Oh Bean, I wish you a life of love, creativity and happiness. I wish you all the possibilities that wait for you in the years to come. Hold on to this little person who thinks he can do anything..., whose imagination has no limits.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
~Pablo Picasso~

( I wrote "The Bean" on the side of our truck with a feather he gave me and then the Bean did the artwork to the right of the words. Does his art remind you of some of Picasso's line drawings?...,? I rest my case.)
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  1. too darn cute! Keep nurturing your little artist there, he seems to be a natural...;p

  2. Oh Bean, how cute he is! I love the feathers, and would totally paint my world with them...

    The truck now had finger oils on them :) he he

  3. sooo sweet! feathers are an awesome find....

  4. I have a ton of feathers that I collected from my birds. However, I am no where nearly as gifted as a bright shining four year old star. So I have placed them in various bags and put them away. My friend from Texas suggested I carve some styrofoam (florist type) into the shape of a rooster, then use all these feathers to decorate it. Sounds good, eh?

  5. Sounds as if you are having a blast with the Bean & your new hobby-maybe if I didn't spend all my time quilting..............

  6. This post is a classic example of the difference between a mother and a grandmother. to the mother this child is "messing around." But to the grandmother--pure poetry and art! You have got it!

  7. It looks like your grandson is taking after his noni. Always keep their imagination going. He is a sweet boy. Have a good day. Madeline

  8. Oh, to have the imagination of The Bean once again. I have a pretty good imagination but that child like spark has become buried. I think that 2010 will be the years that I try to get rid of the stuff that is piled on top and let my little light shine once again...

    Thanks to The Bean for being an inspiration to an old (in years only) woman.



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