I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Keep Telling Myself

My brain is feeling a little like the egg I ate this morning..., not completely cooked but a little bit runny and not accompanied with something wonderful like bacon or sausage .
So, after I ate this incomplete breakfast, I went outside and realized that Spring was trying very hard to break through the leaf covered soil of Winter and even though the garden seemed stark, at a glance, something was happening.... something magical where nothing had been before.
There is a green carpet under the dead grass. There are tiny buds on the tree limbs. The New Year is slowly showing itself. Little by little, fragile bud by fragile bud, it shows us that life continues ...,so we pick up the pieces and move ahead into the future where life will be what it will be...., and, like " My little dog,.. a heartbeat at my feet.", on our walk last night ,I will try to look for the great adventure, seeing and listening for something wonderful that is going to happen...., knowing that whatever comes, it will be OK.
I see the Narcissus and the grape hyacinth coming back, even through the tough soil of Winter. I tell myself that this is what I need to understand...,
and I keep hearing a voice say, "Live your life. Live your life...., do you understand?"
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  1. I can not believe that spring is trying to burst out so early out there in northern California. It has been so cold here in central Alabama I have not gone outside unless I really had to. Have a great evening. Madeline

  2. Spring in Winter! Gee! You need to visit my blog to see some snow! I have a couple of posts that feature some of this lovely Winter weather we are having in West Virginia!


  3. It'll be a long time before spring hits OUR region! My hens don't like to be handled either, so I had to find a way to control them to do "chicken maintenance" on them - that is how I came to hypnotizing them! I used to have one hen that didn't mind being held - I could even trim her toenails without hypnosis! But, she passed away, and the new hens are more flighty some days!

  4. That voice is giving good advice farmlady! Remember even when we live our life and possibly fall we can come back again just like a sprout! Nature has so many answers all around us! We just have to listen to her!
    The photo of Carlton is precious!

  5. I'm so ready to see the signs of new life popping up out of the ground. I do get to see the new calves bucking and playing under their momma's watchful eyes, I just like to be able to touch the new growth.


  6. How beautiful and reflective...now its got me thinking...ahhh...follow your heart and the dog :)

  7. Read your lovely post. Then, I saw this and it reminded me of you - a man in Norway just wordlessly capturing that inexorable passage of time, birth, death, on and on, the simple beauty of it, the cycle of a year:



  8. Wow your bulbs are early & after all that snow! My hyacinths are around Matthew's tree in Co. so I probably will miss their blooming. Going to try & seed some poppies in pots this year, I love poppies they are for remembrance.

  9. Yes Connie, its true. And i think that it also could mean that you might have a sausage or even a piece of bacon once in a while with your eggs. And toast (wheat), just to make you feel better about all the strawberry jam it requires.


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