Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conversation With a Goat

"Hey Dude! How are you" What's that? Something's hanging from your horn."
"Don't go there Farmlady."
What? It's just leftovers from where they cut the rest of the horn. I can get my scissors and snip it off. It looks a little ragged."

"Will I have to go for a long ride again?"
"No Brownie, The scissors are in the house. It's not a big deal. I just think it would look better if I snip that leathery stuff off ."
"Easy for you to say. How do I know it won't hurt? How do I know you won't try to cut the rest of my horn off?"
" I wouldn't do that, Brownie. You worry too much. Don't you trust me?"
( No answer)
"OK lets just leave it alone. It's better than before. I'm sorry I mentioned it."

"Brownie, I have to go feed the chickens and get started on cleaning the garage."
"What Brownie?"
"Thank you for fixing my horn. I can see things better now."
"Your welcome sweetie. I know you didn't like going so far away from home. You were a good goat and we were proud of you."
"I know. I really tried to be brave."
"You were sweetie."
"What is it Brownie?"
"Can I have some extra grain tonight?"
"Well, what about the other goats? They might not like that."
"They didn't have to have to go for a long ride and have to go to sleep and wake up without part of their horn."
"Brownie, they don't have horns."
"Oh,.., yea..., well, it was very hard. I think that I deserve something extra for being so brave."
" I will ask the Prospector about it but I don't think we can give you something extra and not give the others some too."
"But they didn't have to be BRAVE. I deserve extra."
" I said I will ask the Prospector. You can only have grain when you get your trace mineral stuff. Extra grain isn't really good for you."
"Oh. I didn't know that."
" Well, now ya know, Brownie. Maybe, later, when the other goats aren't around I will bring you a cookie. Just one. Just for you."
"Just for me"
"Yes , just for you."
"What, big guy?"
"Can I have two cookies?"
" Oh, Brownie...."
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casa da poesia said...

...I will sing!...

Angela said...

Cute! Brownie you are soooo cute!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Love me some brownie... (shh dont tell carl) I do have a big enough heart for both LOL... ear rubs for carl ... Brownie you so make me grin! can goats have grits??

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

If I send Brownie an apple, will you sneak it to him?

Auntie Julie to Brownie

susanc said...

So cute!

Chef E said...

Ha, you gotta love them! Love your dialogue together...I can hear you two talking, so cute...

jojo said...

I always love your convos with Brownie.

Madeline's Album said...

I get a big kick when you and the goats are having a conversation. Cute story, and brownie is a cutie. Have a great day. Madeline

Chicken Boys said...

You're so funny.

ClassyChassy said...

Awwww - how sweet - give em cookies!!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I love Brownie. He's such a good boy. I hope you gave him TWO cookies. :-)