I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Goat talk

"Hi Brownie."
"You've been gone for a long time, Farmlady."
"I know. I missed all of you. "
"Where have you been?
"Well, Brownie, my Mom died and I had a lot to do down where she use to live."
"I'm sorry, Farmlady. Did she eat something that made her sick?"
" No, she just got old and it was her time."
"Is it my time yet?"
"No, baby. You're going to live for a long time."
"Oh, good."

"Hello Frecks. How's my beautiful goat today?"
"Hello, Farmlady. I'm sorry to hear about your Mother. The Prospector told us what happen. He had tears in his eyes one morning when he came out to feed us. He said she was a wonderful lady."
" She was, Frecks, she was."
" Well, please don't be too sad. We goats don't stay with our mothers so we don't form attachments."
"Maybe it's better that way."
"No farmlady, I don't think so. I still remember someone who nursed me and licked my eyes. I think she was beautiful. I think that I would like to see her again."

"Oh Frecks. We all miss the memory of the early years, don't we? Your so sweet. I'll bet that she was just as beautiful as you remember.

"Then remembering is a good thing, Farmlady? Sometimes it makes me sad."

" Try to remember the good things, sweetie. It's the good memories that we need. Even if they make you a little sad, it's OK. as long as they make you feel warm inside."
"Yes, I have warm inside of me. It must be a good memory."
"That's why you're such a wonderful goat, Frecks, because you had a loving mother."

Hey Murphy. What are you hiding behind the tree for?"
"Murphy? I missed you. What's the matter?"

(to be continued)
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  1. The sweetness of a little goat talk . . . just what I needed after these past few exhausting days. I think I'll go chat with my chicks and then call to the kitties . . . I feel the need for a bit more of the simple life. XO!

  2. Murphy oh Murphy
    Will you be mine?
    I'll let you eat rosebuds
    and pansies divine

    I won't ever scold
    and won't ever forget
    that you have my heart
    in your pocket, my pet.


  3. Oh, the goat conversation is so sweet. That would be a great children's book.

  4. Oh Dear! What's up with Murphy? I'm waiting to find out!
    I got to see some goats today! Silly kids!

  5. I love the conversations you have with your critter friends-I have them with Button too!

  6. Another great post and talk with your goats. Hope Murphy is ok. I'll wait for the continuing story. Have a great Sunday. Madeline

  7. What wonderful goat conversations you've had lately. There's nothing like spending time with your goat babies to ease some of the pain. Brownie is sooo handsome!


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