I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Full Moon and a Twinkling Star

I will be gone for a while. My Mother's memorial is next Monday and my sister and I have a lot to do before then. The picture above is of the collage I made for the memorial . I had copies made for everyone who will be there. I'm pleased with how they turned out.
Wanting to do something in remembrance of Mom, I made Sis and I, each, a necklace. The small bird inside is looking at us saying "Think of me." We will wear these at the Memorial. It's my way of saying goodbye.
A few nights ago the moon was full and we had a few clouds. I took this picture with an open lens that gave it more exposure. The star to the right of the moon was twinkling at me through an opening in the clouds. Do you think it was Mom, saying Hi? I think it might have been....

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful post.. You did a beautiful job on the collage. I love how you do that! and the necklaces are really unique. What a wonderful idea.

    I think you are absolutely right about the twinkling star...

    Safe journey, my friend.


  2. What a beautiful post! The necklaces are lovely what did you make them out of? Your are such an artist. I'll be thinking of you and will be here when you return.

    The collage is wonderful. Your mom would give it a very happy endorsement.

  3. hugs love the mementos and moon pic! hi mom :)
    have a safe trip and wonderful celebration of your moms lifE!

  4. The collage and necklaces are lovely Connie. I will be thinking of you and wish you a safe trip.

    I think that was your Mom saying hi, twinkling above and watching over you.

  5. Travel safe and know you carry your mom in your heart...she is only a breath away from you at all times. The collage and necklace are beautiful as is anything you touch. It will be a beautiful gift at her memorial. Take care...

  6. This was a very moving post. The collage you did was beautiful and the necklaces are truly beautiful. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  7. Your projects turned out great. Your mother must have been so proud of her children (and grandchildren!)

  8. How lovely.....

    and YES, the star is your mom.

    I see my mom twinkle back too.


  9. Precious necklaces . . . sweet sentiments . . . tears of joy mixed in with your tears of sorrow as you and your sister move forward together -- blessed through it all with the gifts your mother raised you to receive.

    Your mom has picked a really BIG star to carry her sweet message, as your special twinkling star is actually Jupiter. We've had such fun watching it each evening (the telescope isn't even needed, though the moon looks so interesting "up close"). I see my son's winnning smile in the dancing of a butterfly, you see your mom in a twinkling star . . . the earth bears gifts we never knew we needed. God is so good. Blessings everywhere we turn when we choose to see them. Keep looking, dear friend; keep finding joy and love and peace to give you strength. God will never stop supplying the gifts we need.

    You will be in my prayers and thoughts as you move through this next archway of life with courage and beauty and resolve. Life is beautiful and must be celebrated every day . . . even when our hearts weep for one who has passed over into Glory (the root of all beauty).

    Much love wrapped in hugs sent to you, dear friend.

    XO ~~ Debbie

  10. Connie, You've created some pretty things to help pay tribute to someone you really love. Have a safe trip, relish the company of family as you reminisce together. And know that the shining star in the sky is watching over you....

  11. Thinking of you as you make this memorial of your Mon. Such a lovely idea to make those sweet necklaces.


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