"So prayer is our sometimes real selves trying to communicate with the Real, with Truth, with the Light. It is us reaching out to be heard, hoping to be found by a light and warmth in the world, instead of darkness and cold. Even mushrooms respond to light - I suppose they blink their mushroomy eyes, like the rest of us."
~Anne Lamott~
(Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Ending

I came home yesterday afternoon. This morning I take an early walk, before the heavy heat of the day sets in, and I stand for a while near my favorite tree, the Old Druid. I'm not sure why this tree has such significance for me but it seems to talk to me. It's not a big Oak tree and it's leaning toward the west, over the road. It was damaged at some time in it's life; maybe by a lightening strike or fire. The lower part of the trunk is split and the inside is exposed. I understand how this tree feels. It must stay strong if it is to survive and others rely on it for protection and food. The squirrels always run to another tree when I come down the road but return as soon as I leave. Maybe it's the cat they run from. She is with me, prancing along, sniffing the place where we saw the foxes cross the road earlier this morning.
As I unpack from a week away, the phone rings. It's my brother-in-law. He tells me that Mom is not doing well and seems to be losing her hold on life faster than we expected. I will wait to hear from my sister this afternoon and I will go back down tomorrow.

Old Oak Tree. I heard what you said this morning...., your quiet whisper, a voice that reached inside of me,..., it will be what it will be. I heard you. I was listening.

My sister called...,
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  1. Sorry about your mom - we lost my dad a few years back to cancer, and Hospice helped us take care of him at home until his final day. I am thankful for that small comfort we could offer him. Take care.

  2. Oh Connie, I'm so sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts today. Take care.

  3. Connie, my prayer are with you at this time. God will give you strength. Madeline

  4. Soorry for your loss,you and your family are in my prayers.

  5. Hugs and prayers for peace and comfort. I am so sorry.

  6. Connie I wish peace for you and Lisa and all the rest of your families
    ((((Connie and Lisa))))

    Denise S.

  7. Mike Golch sent me over. I'm so very sorry honey. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. :)

  8. Its wonderful that your mother has you by her now. Take good care.

  9. I,m sorry for your loss...My Mother passed June 19th, so I know how heavy you heart feels...But the rose still grow behind the wall...

  10. hugs and prayers... love and more hugs and grits too :)

  11. sending you my thoughts and prayers...

  12. Connie,my God hold you in his hands during your grief.

  13. Connie, I'm so sorry for your loss. I can only send virtual hugs and prayers for comfort for you and your family.



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