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Friday, May 8, 2009

Maggie's Ordeal

"Where have you been, Old Lady? You smell funny. What happen to you. Why isn't there any hair on your front legs? What's this thing on your back? Why do you smell so different? What's wrong with you?" The Pupster was all over Maggie after her return from the animal hospital. Maggie, still groggy from the ordeal..., " Enough, little one, I need some rest. Stop lickin' and sniftin' me."
Maggie shows Carl her sore rear end and gives him some advice.., " If they put you in the car and don't say anything, you know it's the dreaded trip to that place, in town, where it really smells funny and sometimes you have to stay overnight. Usually, you go to sleep and wake up with less hair and something different has happen. I'm kind of sleepy now, so I think I'll lay down and take a nap for a while. I'm really sleepy. I'm sore and I'm getting tired of this."

"No more sniffing, little one, I need to sleep."

Maggie had a cyst removed from her hip yesterday. It was huge and opened up Wed night, so Friday morning the Prospector took her down to the local Vet and had it removed. The Dr. says that she will be OK. She's 14 years old. How OK can you be when you are 98 yrs old. They didn't take the arthritis away. They can't make her young again.
My sweet old dog cried during the night. I told her that it will be better in a few days.
She just looked at me.

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  1. Bless her heart, she looks like she does need to rest. I hope she gets to feeling better soon, but nope once the arthritis sets in they can't take it away...it's a curse to us humans and dogs.
    Hope she feels better soon.

  2. The poor dear girl...
    She looks absolutely worn out, but hopefully she'll start feeling better soon.
    It justabout breaks your heart, doesn't it?
    They trust us, and look what we do to them!

  3. Hope Maggie is up and about soon, I know it's is heart breaking when
    a pet is sick. Hope you have a good day. I have been seeing on the news about the wild fires in and around
    Santa Barbara. My prayers are with the people of that area.

  4. Poor baby... it broke my heart to read that she cried during the night. I hope she feels much better SOON and that she has a better night tonight.

    I live in La Crescenta (Crescenta Valley), which is in the foothills above Los Angeles (we can see downtown from up here!). We all laugh at our town's slogan - I don't know who the heck came up with it. Silly really!

    It is WAY too early for "fire season" and are also on edge every summer until basically December, but we've had fires in this area at any time of year, but they just seem to be getting bigger and hotter, if that makes sense.

    I really hope Maggie feels better soon and that she has a better night tonight.

  5. Give that Maggie a good scratch behind the ears for me. I just want to hug her and tell her that her mom and dad only do what's best for her. And that Carl looks like he is really checking her over.

    Maybe after he gives her a good look over, he will let her sleep.

    Thanks for sharing and a bunch of hugs for Maggie.


  6. your killing me with this, I'm so sorry, it just plain hurts to see our beloved friends get old and hurt. Hoping she'll feel better soon.
    The Pupster, gotta be cutest name ever.

  7. Ohn so sorry for poor Maggie, nearly made me cry, they are so stoic.
    Hi fro0m Aus, sunny Queensland!

  8. Oh...Poor thing. I had tears in my eyes when you said she cried....It breaks my heart for her. I do hope she feels better soon, I am a softie for pups.

  9. Oh, love and healing energy from all of us at Apifera! It's gut wrenching hearing a creature of any kind in pain...


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