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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Matthew. We send our love.

When did the little boy grow up into this wonderful man who always sees his life as a curious and great adventure? Where did the little boy go who had his own language, always asked questions and needed a reason for everything? Who is this grown man?...
who has become a devoted follower of God; A good and patient person who is diligent,caring and hard working...
and loves his family.

With all the years of thinking that raising two boys was the hardest thing we ever did and knowing how, imperfectly, we stumbled through those years..., we look now on two fine men who make us prouder that any thing we have done in our lives.
There will never be enough time, in this life, for their mother to tell them how happy they make her and how proud she and their dad are of who they have become. They are grown men but their Mom still holds them in her heart as if they were very small..., for in her heart, they are safe and protected.
Even though they have grown up and have lives of their own, they will always be five years apart and have a birthday 3 days from one another, and there will always be a reason to celebrate the birth of these two "boys" because..., I'm their mother..., and I say so..., and it was all worth it.

Happy Birthday, my son. Have a blessed and beautiful Birthday.
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  1. Connie, This post brought tears to my eyes because you expressed just how I feel about my son and 3 daughters. Tell Matthew happy birthday for me. Have a great day. Madeline

  2. I think I can still see the little boy in the big one!

  3. beautiful post and what lucky guys to have you for their mom!
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!


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